Blood Drive – TV series, USA, 2017 – overview

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Blood Drive is a 2017 American science fiction action horror television series created by James Roland. Episodes are directed by David Straiton, Meera Menon, Lin Oeding, Roel Reiné, James Roday and Gregg Simon.

The series, which was green-lit with a thirteen episode order, premiered on June 14, 2017 on the Syfy channel.

Set in a dystopian near-future, the series features a former cop, played by Alan Ritchson, forced to partner up with Grace D’Argento (Christina Ochoa), a dangerous femme fatale who has an agenda of her own, as they take part in a death race where the cars run on human blood…

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Blood Drive is definitely not thinking outside the box when it comes to its characters or main scenario, but it forges forward with determined audacity, splashing carnage and grime across the screen every few minutes or so. It’s moderately clever in patches as well, with an ample amount of corporate-culture satire…” Arrow in the Head

“Cunningham provides the most over-the-top performance as the ringleader of the titular race. But as much as Blood Drive relishes Slink’s presence, the series relies on Ritchson and Ochoa to be the constants, as the show takes a semi-ironic tour through subgenres with each subsequent episode. Those who endeavor to stick it out for the long haul will likely get a kick out of the thematic references made on an episodic basis.” Screen Rant

“You’ll either like it, with a droll chuckle every time a new competitor’s head explodes in a pulpy mist, or you’ll straight up hate it. It’s certainly not a flawless show, and there’s not too much subtext to mine in the midst of the insanity. But if you can dig into the goofiness, there’s plenty of fun to be had. The cast walks an excellent line between tuned-in and too-cheeky…” Collider

” …the makeup effects, all the effects, are over-the-top-notch. Blood, and other viscous juices, human and semi-human, is on tap. It pumps out by the gallon, obviously, when it fuels the cars, but there’s usually enough left over to paint walls.” Den of Geek!

” …jam-packed with genre elements like the aforementioned robots and zombies, not to mention evil corporations, madhouses, incest, drug trips, cannibals, and a man-hating lady biker gang — Blood Drive delivers on at least one key promise: It is not boring. It’s a show for a very specific sort of audience, but for that audience, it could become a legit cult hit.” IndieWire

“There’s no real depth to any of it and there are only hints at the subversion that characterizes the best films of the genre. The media and political satire in, say, Death Race 2000 was much sharper. The celebration of outsiders and freak-flag-flying culture is present, but fairly tame. Also, despite all of the viscera and body fluids, there’s very little fear or even disgust generated, but this isn’t Rob Zombie’s brand of grindhouse celebration.” The Hollywood Reporter

“For this series, Syfy has suspended whatever restrictions it had on language and bare behinds. And the material is, obviously, not for everyone. Sample wisdom from a cook in a dubious diner in Episode 2: ‘Everybody tastes the same on the griddle.’” The New York Times

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Main cast and characters:

  • Alan Ritchson as Arthur Bailey (Ghosts of War; Office Uprising; The Butcher)
  • Christina Ochoa as Grace D’Argento
  • Thomas Dominique as Christopher Carson
  • Colin Cunningham as Julian Slink
  • Marama Corlett as Aki
  • Darren Kent as The Scholar
  • Sean Cameron Michael as Old Man Heart (Broken Darkness; The Mummy; Shark Attack 2)
  • Kyle Brand as Cowboy Racer

Filming locations: 

Cape Town, South Africa

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