The Last Showing – UK, 2014 – reviews

‘He’s got final cut.’

The Last Showing is a 2014 British horror thriller feature film written, co-produced and directed by Phil Hawkins. It stars Robert Englund, Finn Jones, Emily Berrington and Keith Allen.

Stuart (Robert Englund) is a film purist who despises the current film world, viewing it as vulgar and cheap. After being laid-off from his job as a projectionist and forced to work at the concession stand, Stuart decides to take his revenge.

Stuart manages to capture Martin (Finn Jones) and Allie (Emily Berrington), a young couple who have come to his theatre to watch The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1984) and make out.

After drugging Allie and incapacitating the cinema manager, Stuart traps the couple in the theatre overnight. He then proceeds to use the building’s CCTV system and a handheld camcorder to make his own personal horror movie…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Although it may not seem like the most claustrophobic of settings, a massive, multiplex cinema suddenly feels tiny once the protagonists are trapped inside and, thanks to some clever tricks, escape never truly feels possible, which is how most of the film’s scare factor is achieved. The Last Showing manages to be consistently thrilling and exciting thanks to a key central performance from Englund…” Joey Keog, UK Horror Scene

“The theater in itself becomes one of the characters; this was only achieved by the camera setups and lighting, bringing the theater to life and actually helping Stuart by interacting with Martin. Englund’s performance is amazing. It’s his best work since Phantom of the Opera.” Chad Armstrong, Legless Corpse

The Last Showing has a strong pulpy premise, but ultimately lacks the sly humor and jolting shock value required to make it come alive on screen. Jones and Berrington both give wooden performances, not helped by some risibly stilted dialogue […] Only Englund elevates this thin material beyond its amateurish default setting…” Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

“An awkwardly unconvincing British accent notwithstanding, The Last Showing is a terrific showcase for Englund’s unique screen presence and performance prowess. As an entertaining suspense thriller however, The Last Showing is clipped by baffling character behavior and predictable twists that are not at the level they need to be to tickle the mind with satisfaction.” Ian Sedensky, Culture Crypt

“The Last Showing runs pretty much to formula and won’t hold any real surprises for genre fans, although it’s a reasonable way to kill 80-odd minutes. Like its title, the first time you see it will also be its last showing as there’s little to bring you back for second helpings. Treat it as a cautionary tale; a lifetime of doing your job to the best of your ability breeds insanity.” Daniel Benson, HorrorTalk

Cast and characters:

  • Robert Englund as Stuart (Abruptio; Python; Elm Street franchise; et al)
  • Finn Jones as Martin
  • Emily Berrington as Allie
  • Keith Allen as Collins (The OthersShallow Grave)
  • Malachi Kirby as Clive
  • Chris Geere as Jamie

Choice dialogue:

Martin: “You’re just a sad old man with a shitty little camera!”

Stuart: “I’m just a relic from a bygone era.”


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