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The End? – original title: In un giorno la fine [“In One Day the End”] – is a 2017 Italian horror film written and directed by Daniele Misischia. Produced by the Manetti Bros, directors of Paura 3D (2012), the movie stars Euridice Axén, Claudio Camilli and Benedetta Cimatti.


Claudio Verona is a young and cynical businessman; one day he gets locked in his work elevator before an important meeting with a client. This annoying obstacle soon turns into a nightmare, as a deadly virus outside has begun to infect and transform people into zombies.

Claudio has to get out of the claustrophobic lift space, although it seems that the elevator may well be the safest place in the city…

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“A problem with this sort of story is that there’s literally nowhere to go, but this shrugs that off – and a third act does get into new territory (with a punchline that’s a chill response to that shot which ended Night of the Living Dead and started this craze in the first place). Though it’s an Italian zombie movie, it looks to American (even British) films for references rather than to the Italian zombi stumblers of the ‘80s.” The Kim Newman Web Site

” …the film lacks any real invention or memorable moments. The structure is repetitive: Claudio’s trapped, he tries to escape, fails, one of the uninfected passes by, they’re attacked, the zombies are either distracted or killed, Claudio’s still trapped; ad nauseam. This results in a film that feels much longer than it is.” Bloody Disgusting

Main cast:

Alessandro Roja, Euridice Axen, Claudio Camilli, Benedetta Cimatti, Bianca Friscelli.


The End? had its world premiere in London at the Horror Channel FrightFest on 27 August 2017.

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