House of Waxwork – comic book and vinyl soundtrack

House of Waxwork is a 2017 American horror comic book from Waxwork Comics, an offshoot of Waxwork Records.

Waxwork Comics will offer comics and graphic novels bundled with companion soundtracks on coloured vinyl. The original music featured on the accompanying vinyl serves as a soundtrack to the stories within each book.

Press release:

Waxwork Comics is excited to release their debut comic book series, House of Waxwork. Featuring all new content from contemporary writers, illustrators, and composers, House of Waxwork is a rousing horror-anthology series packed with macabre tales of ghouls, ghosts, witchcraft, the occult, the living dead, revenge, and so much more. Readers will meet original and inventive characters such as The Die-Rector and The Decomposer, and will be fully immersed in the terrifying, original soundtrack music featured on the companion 7” coloured vinyl that comes with each issue.

In the debut release of House of Waxwork issue #1, readers will be discover what happens to an unsuspecting vacationing family when a cursed board game thrusts them into an actual fight for survival in ‘Occult Slumber Party’, penned by Gabe Soria (Batman ’66) and with music by Douglas Pipes (Krampus, Trick ‘r Treat).

Also featured in issue #1, ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ will blur the lines between reality, the supernatural, and vengeance, culminating with a horrific twist. Written by Kevin Bergeron and with music by Creeper.


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