The Hills Run Red – USA, 2009 – reviews

The Hills Run Red is a 2009 American slasher horror film directed by Dave Parker (It WatchesThe Dead Hate the Living) and written by David J. Schow (Abbatoir; Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III; Critters 3 and 4). Sophie Monk, Tad Hilgenbrink and William Sadler star.

Tyler is obsessed with the horror film ‘The Hills Run Red’, considered the scariest movie ever made, with the deranged serial killer Babyface in the lead role. However, the film’s director, Wilson Wyler Concannon, disappeared years ago and there is no known copy of the movie. Tyler’s obsession with the film leads him to neglect his girlfriend Serena.

When Tyler discovers that Concannon’s daughter Alexa works in a nightclub as a stripper, he decides to meet her and ask about the lost film.

He visits Alexa and asks her about the project. As she gives him a nude lap dance, the audience sees Serena cheating on Tyler with their best friend Lalo. Alexa informs Tyler that the movie might be in her father’s home in the woods…

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“What starts off as a potential “young people stalked in the woods” flick mutates into something much more original, twisted, sick and plain entertaining around the halfway mark. Once Concannon shows up, very much alive and well, this rollercoaster takes a whole new direction and very soon you’re forced to abandon what you think is going to happen and just sit back for the ride.” Gareth Jones, Dread Central

“This maniacal, gory, and smart slasher is exactly what we need more of in the sub-genre. While it does try its hand at being a “Scream” wannabe in some instances, that doesn’t affect what is a maddening, sick and entertaining slasher film with a great new slasher, some interesting horror villains, and a wicked premise that provides us with chills, thrills, and gory, gory kills.” Felix Vasquez, Cinema Crazed

The Hills Run Red has a solid and interesting, if not entirely original, premise and a terrifying antagonist in ‘Babyface’ but it suffers from a script that’s not nearly as clever and knowing as it thinks it is and some poor plot development. While not a completely wasted opportunity, given the promise it had it ends up feeling a little too much like the prosaic slasher flick that we’ve seen a million times before.” Sarah Law, Gore Press

“While The Hills Run Red isn’t blazingly original, that’s not the point with this film. It’s a flick for film geeks by film geeks, horror film geeks in particular. A lot of times, when a film is too self-referential or pandering to “that 70’s/80’s vibe”, I’m usually coughing into my sleeve by the end of the first reel. But in the case of The Hills Run Red, all the tropes work.” Sean Smithson, Screen Anarchy

“Really, the biggest knock against The Hills Run Red is that it doesn’t offer anything new; then again, slashers have always been caught up in the conundrum of being criticized when they simply rehash and then bashed when they try something new. This effort plays it safe, and it succeeds in delivering what audiences should expect from it (nudity and gore).” Brett Gallman, Oh, the Horror!

Cast and characters:

  • Sophie Monk as Alexa – Blood Feast [2016]; Life Blood
  • Tad Hilgenbrink as Tyler – Amusement; Lost Boys: The Tribe; Grave Situations
  • William Sadler as Concannon
  • Janet Montgomery as Serina
  • Alex Wyndham as Lalo
  • Ewan Bailey as Sonny
  • Joy McBrinn as Belle
  • Raicho Vasilev as Babyface
  • Mike Straub as Gabe
  • Hristo Mitzkov as Jimbo
  • Ekaterina Temelkova as Sherri
  • Danko Jordanov as Actor Babyface
  • Itai Diakov as Teen Babyface

Filming locations:




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