Transylvania Television – TV series, USA, 2007 onwards

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‘The Retro-Monster Comedy That’s Really NOT For Kids!’

Transylvania Television is an American TV series that has aired on various online platforms since 2007. It was created by Michael J. Heagle and Gordon Smuder. It stars the voices of Gordon Smuder, Michael J. Heagle and Charles Hubbell.

The show is a puppet-based sitcom for grown ups starring a nosferatu-like vampire named Count LeShoc, a party Yeti named Furry J. Ackermonster, Irving Batfink the majordomo of Castle LeShoc, Miss Mansfeild the disembodied skull, Esmerelda the gypsy woman, and Dwayne Frankenstein.

Although the last of the 51 episodes were created in 2012, there is apparently an intention to film new material in 2017.

900 year-old vampire Le Shoc is running a beat-down TV station in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. He’s in dire need to pull it out of the toilet, so with the help of his Beatnik minion Batfink, they enlist college graduate Furry J. Ackermonster to be the station’s new manager. Assisted by the smartly stupid Dwayne Frankenstein, the three unleash the Frankenstein device that allows it to resurrect canceled shows and turns them into a twisted parody. The show takes aim at multiple B-movie monsters and clichés.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Remarkably, and consistently, amusing, I can’t really go through the plot as there is pretty much not one.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Filming locations:

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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