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‘A new dawn has arrived’

666: The Child is a 2006 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Jack Perez [as Jake Johnson] (Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus; Monster Island) from a screenplay by Benjamin Henry [as Ben Henry]. The Asylum production stars Adam Vincent, Booboo Stewart and Sarah Lieving.

A sequel, 666: The Beast, followed in 2007.

After a plane crash in which a boy – Donald – is the only survival, famous TV anchorwoman Erika Lawson convinces her husband and cameraman Scott to adopt the child. They bring Donald home and Scott’s father Big Jake offers to take care of him while the couple works.

However, after a series of bizarre accidents that includes the death of Jake, the nanny Lucy Fir comes to the Lawson’s home to work. However, Lucy is actually a follower of the Antichrist and together with Donald, they bring more tragedies to the Lawson’s family…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“It’s The Omen, but made for $500 in Los Angeles and with no creativity. The Evil Nanny actually does less, not even killing herself in this film. In this film, she shows her tits, stands near Not Damien and then dies in the finale. Most of the characters have even less to do. Lieving, for as much as I dislike her here (and in most films) does little other than react to previous scenes…” Mondo Bizarro

“Partly a spoof of The Omen and the many other films about evil little boys, it’s unfortunately never at any time funny, unless you think such things as citing the number 6 several times is just oh so witty […] Pretending to be spoofy seems merely the fall-back position when exploitation filmmakers dash off some product exactly like several others, but get everything wrong.” Weird Wild Realm

As a horror movie, 666: The Child is absolutely worthless. As an Omen rip-off, 666: The Child is hopelessly inept. As an “I cannot believe how freakin’ stupid this movie is” MST3K worthy film, 666: The Child is a real humdinger.” B-Ware The Blog!

“This is theoretically a spoof of “spawn of Satan” films, and had they made it clearer in pre-release, or even on the DVD box, that this was a spoof, the film might have been better received. As it stood, the fans of Asylum Films expected horror, and were not pleased. On the other hand, even if we assume a spoof, it is of dubious value.” Uncle Scoopy’s Movie House

Main cast:

Adam Vincent, Booboo Stewart, Sarah Lieving, Rodney Bowman, Nora J. Novak, Lucy Doty, Bob McEwen, Kim Little, Katie Winslow, Reza Riazi, Robert Pike Daniel, D.C. Douglas, Maegan Stewart, Ana Berry, Jason S. Gray.

Filming locations:

Simi Valley, California
Stewart’s Film and Television – Burbank, California
Valley Village, Los Angeles, California


This film should not be confused with the 2012 film 666: the Devil’s Child. 

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