ICE SHARKS (2016) Reviews and overview


‘Just when you thought it was safe in the Arctic’

Ice Sharks is a 2016 American action horror film written and directed by Emile Edwin Smith (Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark; visual effects on Zoombies; Sharknado movies and Bermuda Tentacles). It stars Edward DeRuiter, Jenna Parker and Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau.

A new breed of aggressive, ravenous sharks cracks the frozen ocean floor of an Arctic research station, devouring all who fall through. As the station sinks into frigid waters, those alive must fashion makeshift weapons or suffer the same fate…

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“Director and writer Emile Edwin Smith treats his movie as what appears to be a straight up feature without any of the over the top, frivolous tropes of other, more laughed at shark themed pictures. Any humour that does crop up feels unintentional as Emile concentrates on – gasp – creating tension.” James Simpson, Infernal Cinema


“The usual cheap effects of The Asylum’s films are not too bad – there are one or two slightly dodgy ones but these are kept brief, while most of the others look perfectly reasonable. The film even manages to shoot some underwater sequences during the efforts of the divers to repair the habitat as sharks circle behind them, which look reasonably convincing.” Richard Scheib, Moria

” …there aren’t that many people available to kill, which is why Smith’s feels much more like Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians with sharks rather than an out-and-out CGI slaughterfest like Sharknado et al. The fact it doesn’t let up also means that it doesn’t drag and there’s absolutely no filler – even with a just-under 90 minutes running time Ice Sharks seems to be over just as it’s begun.” Phil Wheat, Nerdly

Ice Sharks is a surprisingly dark little movie. Don’t get me wrong.  It’s an Asylum film so, of course, Ice Sharks has an appropriately macabre sense of humor. But, especially when compared to Sharknado 3Ice Sharks is rather grim. Director Emile Edwin Smith does a good job of creating and maintaining a claustrophobic atmosphere inside the sunken Oasis station.” Lisa Marie Bowman, Through the Shattered Lens


Main cast:

  • Edward DeRuiter
  • Jenna Parker
  • Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau
  • Clarissa Thibeaux
  • Travis Lincoln Cox
  • Mia Danelle
  • Leddie Garcia
  • Shamar Philippe
  • Jim Helton
  • Emile Edwin Smith … Radio Operator MacReady
  • Kris Marconi
  • Sharnae Caceres
  • Zo Zosak
  • Chris Arellano