Mississippi River Sharks – USA, 2017

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Mississippi River Sharks is a 2017 American action horror feature film directed by Misty Talley (Ozark SharksZombie Shark aka Shark Island; editor of Ghost Shark and Arachnoquake) from a screenplay by Marcy Holland (Ozark Sharks). It stars Jason LondonJeremy London and Cassie Steele.

Sharks attack a fish rodeo on the Mississippi River, and it is up to a group of locals, along with a visiting actor from a successful franchise of shark movies, to fend off the killer fish…

The film debuted on the Syfy channel on July 31, 2017 as part of their Sharknado Week.

Main cast:

  • Jason London – Nightworld; Dam Sharks; Zombie Shark; et al
  • Jeremy London –7 Faces of Jack the Ripper; The Devil’s Dozen; Basilisk: The Serpent King
  • Cassie Steele – Zombie Shark; The Dorm; My Babysitter’s a Vampire
  • Ashton Leigh
  • Dean J. West
  • Marco St. John
  • Miles Doleac
  • Terence Rosemore
  • Danny Cosmo
  • Michelle West
  • Nathan O’Neil Smith
  • Jeff Pearson
  • Catherine Quinn
  • Creek Wilson
  • Kevin J. McGrath

Filming locations:

New Orleans, Louisiana
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

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