TOXIC SHARK (2017) Reviews and overview


‘This vacation really bites’

Toxic Shark is a 2017 American action horror feature film directed by Cole Sharpe. The movie stars Eric Etebari, Kabby Borders and Christina Masterson.


What was supposed to be days of relaxation at a tropical retreat turns deadly for singles when they discover they are not alone. While enjoying an array of social activities in and around the ocean, the guests have no idea they are being hunted by a deadly shark.

Not only does this toxic shark rip you apart, but it also uses projectile acid to blind you, burn you, and leave you incapacitated so it can prey on you… in and out of the water!

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

Toxic Shark is a blast of pure chaotic fun, featuring beautiful beach scenery, hot people in swimsuits, and a kickass musical score. Everyone appears to be having a ball, running from sharks and turning into zombies. Kabby Borders and Bryce Durfee make for a likeable couple (even when they’re arguing) and the rest of the cast strikes the perfect balance between horror and comedy.” Through the Shattered Lens

“This one really manages to work well with the concept of the toxin being spread by the shark which is where the second half turns into a lot of fun by including the zombified residents being infected and causing issues with them as well, leading to plenty of big chases where they have to deal with the shark in the water and the rabid, infected people on land…” Don Anelli

” …whilst Toxic Shark is just some weak shark horror nonsense I will say one thing for it, the young actors at least manage to deliver lines in a manner which made me believe they were trying and had learned them rather than just quickly memorising them prior to shooting a scene.” The Movie Scene

“Non-characters are introduced into a scene only seconds before being eaten. Even some of the main characters get rarely anything more than a few token nods to their personality before they’re killed off. Everything gets resolved fairly easily because humans in these films, particularly teenagers, all turn into shark-hunting specialists when faced with an immense threat like this.” Popcorn Pictures

“If you still have an inner child that likes to figuratively bounce around the room, excitedly shouting gibberish through the action scenes, turn off your adult brain and let that child have 1 hour 27 minutes of fun with Toxic Shark.” Elizabeth R. Betsy, Video Religion

Choice dialogue:

“All those years of polluting the ocean and now it’s coming back to bite us… literally!”

Main cast:

  • Eric Etebari – 2 Lava 2 Lantula; Scream at the Devil; Vegas Vampires
  • Kabby Borders – Dam Sharks!; They Found Hell
  • Christina Masterson – Truth or Dare; Zombie 360 (short); Deadgirl
  • Mónica López
  • Bryce Durfee
  • Michelle Cortés
  • Owen Saxon
  • Quinn Bozza
  • Sean Samuels
  • Jaime Wallace
  • Cristina Jayo
  • Angel R. Pagan Colon


Toxic Shark premiered on TV on August 3, 2017, as part of the Syfy channel Sharknado Week.

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