THE UNLIVING aka TOMB OF THE WEREWOLF (2004) Reviews and overview


‘If you raise the dead prepare to join them’

The Unliving is a 2004 American horror feature film written and directed by Fred Olen Ray (Scalps; Evil ToonsSuper Shark); it was originally released in a tamer version as Tomb of the Werewolf. The movie stars Paul Naschy, Jay Richardson and Michelle Bauer.


A television crew makes its way to Castle Daninsky in search of a story. The castle is rumoured to possess a secret treasure hidden within its walls, but ultimately death is all they find as the eternal Countess Elizabeth Bathory (Michelle Bauer) seeks to sacrifice them in order to please the Lord of Darkness, bathe in their blood, and revive Daninsky (Paul Naschy) from his tomb…

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  • Commentary by Fred Olen Ray and David DeCoteau
  • ‘A Werewolf in Hollywood” Behind the Scenes documentary
  • Original trailers
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  • Presented in 1.66 anamorphic widescreen


“That Naschy appears in The Unliving at all is reason enough for his fans to watch, although they should temper their expectations that this Daninsky outing feels like it tonally belongs with the others; it does not. As anyone familiar with the Olen Ray oeuvre knows, pure horror is not his thing; intentionally campy homages to pure horror are.” Flick Attack

“I’m not saying it’s a bad movie, it delivers what it’s set out to deliver: boobs. But for us who really doesn’t care about boobs it’s Naschy that leads the dance. He’s old and somewhat frail, but makes the best of it even if the wigs are shoddy and the dialogue stiff.” Schmollywood Babylon

“Naschy himself does a commendable job and his audio, for once, isn’t dubbed over. He doesn’t say much and it’s in a thick Spanish accent, but they chose to keep his original voice.While it may be among the worst Naschy werewolf movies it’s an obligatory view for anyone who is a fan of the series.”

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Main cast:

  • Paul Naschy
  • Jay Richardson
  • Michelle Bauer
  • Stephanie Bentley
  • Danielle Petty
  • Jacy Andrews
  • Beverly Lynne
  • Leland Jay
  • Frankie Cullen
  • Don Scribner
  • Brian Carrillo
  • Evan Stone
  • Monique Alexander
  • Randy Carter
  • Katy Adams

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