Impuratus – USA, 2017 – overview

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Impuratus is a 2017 horror film written, co-produced and directed by Michael Yurinko (Entity/The Darkening). It stars Holt Boggs, Jody Quigley and John Savage (Empire of the Sharks; Vampire Wars; The Killing Kind; et al).


1922: A police detective is called to a remote mental hospital to witness a mysterious Civil War veteran’s outrageous death bed confession that forces him to accept the supernatural…

Main cast: 

Holt Boggs, Jody Quigley, John Savage, Bill Oberst Jr., Maria Olsen, Lili Bordan, Blanca Blanco, Airen DeLaMater, Stella McCarty, Sarah Fae Yurinko

Filming locations:

Allentown and Furlong, Pennsylvania

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