Twisted Visions: Interviews with Cult Horror Filmmakers – book


Twisted Visions: Interviews with Cult Horror Filmmakers is a 2017 book by Matthew Edwards, published by McFarland.

Horror and exploitation films have played a pioneering role in both American and world cinema, with a number of controversial and surreal movies produced by renegade filmmakers.

This collection of interviews sheds light on the work of twenty-three directors from across the globe who defied the conventions of Hollywood and commercial cinema.

The filmmakers include:

More than ninety photographs are included, with many rare behind-the-scenes images.


Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Edwards knows the films he has chosen to cover inside and out. He knows the shots, the scenes, the subtext and more. On multiple occasions, readers will notice the directors pointing out how perceptive or thoughtful Edwards is, and they are absolutely right. Even the films I love most in this world I feel like I know less than Edwards knows his titles.” Gavin Schmitt, The Framing Business

” …the group of underrated filmmakers chosen for this book are probably unknown to most of the mainstream genre fans, but are more than worthy of having their chance to talk about their career. But most importantly, the great thing about this book is that you are going to learn.” Jon Kitley, Kitley’s Krypt

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