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‘The legends are real’

The Curse of Buckout Road is a 2017 supernatural horror feature film directed by Matthew Currie Holmes (actor in The Fog [2005]; Wrong Turn 2) from a screenplay co-written with Shahin Chandrasoma, based on a story by Johnny Pascucci.

The Now Entertainment production stars Evan Ross (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and 2), Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Neverknock; The Seasoning House), Danny Glover (Day of the Mummy; Saw; Predator 2), Michelle Mylett (Antisocial 2; The Strain; The Drownsman; Antisocial).


Buckout Road might be known as the most haunted road in New York State, but nobody really believed it… until now.

A college class project on modern mythology turns deadly when a trio of students discovers a series of horrific urban legends surrounding Buckout Road may actually be true.

The deeper the students dig into the road’s dark, mysterious history, the more dangerous their quest becomes.


In the US, Vertical Entertainment released The Curse of Buckout Road on digital platforms on September 27th, 2019. Ryan’s Shore soundtrack score has also been released. In the UK, The Movie Partnership is releasing The Curse of Buckout Road on digital download from the 28th of October 2019.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“While I have numerous issues with Buckout Road and could suggest a multitude of ways it could have been done better, it does not entirely lack charm and might be worth a look, as long as you don’t set your expectations too high.” Cinema Axis

Buckout Road bites off a lot, chewing most of it down with memorable vignettes and compelling characterizations, only allowing some of the excess to fall to the floor. Stacked against the urban legends it is based on, Buckout Road is equally as entertaining as a creepy campfire tale…” Culture Crypt

The ensemble cast does not make a false step in the piece. The young leads are backed by a veteran core of actors that beside Danny Glover include Henry Czerny and Colm Feore. If you’re looking for a historical thriller with secrets passed down and protected through generations then this film is for you.” Flick Hunter

” …as we reach the climax of the film, what seemed to be a series random choices turn into a carefully crafted execution. It’s fun to watch. Currie Holmes plays to his actors strengths and brings us a well balanced horror with just the right amount of emotion and kills.” Geek Hard

“Ross is a standout as he plays Aaron with a hard, yet likeable, edge and Provost-Chalkley is the kind of smart and strong final girl that we all yearn for. Although the logistics of the ending are a bit perplexing, Buckout Road is a genuinely fun film with some effective jump scares and a fresh take on the urban legend.” Haddonfield Horror

” …a fun and gory throwback to the video store era. It gleefully mixes genres and approaches and succeeds in most of what it attempts. The cast is great and populated with faces that will be familiar to genre fans. The underlying real-world mythology the film is based on is endlessly intriguing and adds a little something extra.” Modern Horrors

” …there are some twists and turns at the end that I didn’t expect at all but they tie everything together nicely in a bloody, messy bow. Beyond this, I really enjoyed the cinematography, special effects, and visuals for this film, especially when doing flashbacks for certain time periods.” Pop Horror

” …serves as a vehicle for a slew of efficient and imaginative scares and truly chilling sequences, as well as a meditation on belief and how it mutates and metamorphoses in the face of the unknown and under potentially lethal pressure. It is smartly scary and scary smart by turns…” Rue Morgue

“Probably the most notable thing that I can say about Buckout Road is that it is a very glossy supernatural horror film, with stunt-casted appearances by recognizable faces […] but I frankly didn’t care too much for a supernatural horror film that uses every cliche in the book.” Sean Kelly on Movies

“As the story unfolds, Writer/Director Currie Holmes uses classic film techniques that set the film apart from others in the genre. No cheap jump scares here, but lingering images that will stay with you long after the movie is over.” Sinful Celluloid

“The film has some nice shocks and effective gore to go with the story though it never gets overly bloody. The result is an involving and suspenseful film that suffers from a fairly predictable outcome but is a lot of fun along the way.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:


Evan Ross … Aaron Powell
Henry Czerny … Detective Roy Harris
Dominique Provost-Chalkley … Cleo Harris
Danny Glover … Doctor Lawrence Powell
Colm Feore … Rev. Mike Reagan
Mayko Nguyen … Stephanie Hancock / Lady in White
Jim Watson … Derek Ganzer
Kyle Mac … Erik Ganzer
Michelle Mylett … Becky
John Ralston … John Buckout
Patrick Garrow … Councilor Jonathan Black
David Hayter … Detective Maitland
Sharron Matthews … Officer Cheryl Kellog
Laura Hokstad … Christine
Stephen Park … Richard Hancock
Rebekah Manella … Claire Watkins
Kristin Shepherd … Doctor
Stephannie Hawkins … Mary Buckout
Andrew Muir … Orderly / Henchman #1
Greg Tremblay … Henchman #2
John Clifford Talbot … Henchman #3
Kayla Dumont … Teen Witch #1
Julia Greenough … Teen Witch #2
Matthew Currie Holmes … Records Clerk
J.C. Wendel … Cleo’s Mother
Tracy Morse … Gunshot Suicide
Heather Dorff … Throat Slit Suicide
Jessica Cameron … Seppuku Suicide
Gavin Michael Booth … Head Slam Suicide
Tom Shelley … Hospital Bed Suicide
Nick Somers … Asphyxiation Suicide

Original title:

Buckout Road


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