The Hole in the Ground – Ireland, 2019

“The explanation is never as rewarding as the mystery, and while this by no means ruins the film, it hampers it. And yet, so much of The Hole in the Ground does what it sets out to do – make you squirm and shudder – that you’ll probably be willing to forgive the slightly underwhelming wrap-up.” Chris Evangelista, Slash Film

” …a suspense mining masterclass with a proclivity to slink under the skin, boost goose bumps, erect neck hairs and rattle the soul. Cronin’s film has the strength to strike fear in the heart of hardened horror fans. Coupled with incredible performances, this makes his debut feature by far the best horror film of the year so far and one of the greatest Irish horror films ever.” Daniel Goodwin, Starburst

“Where Hereditary had an absurd sense of humor and an austere style, The Hole in the Ground takes a more head-down, meat-and-potatoes approach to the genre. It might not linger in the imagination as long, but it delivers effective scares throughout and — most importantly — never lets up.” Dan Jackson, Thrillist

“This kind of loopy premise devolves very easily into all-out silliness without the right actor to conjure up some semblance of emotional reality as the tumbledown terror piles up, and Cronin has that in the wonderfully expressive, open-featured Kerslake […] Cronin, for his part, conducts the chaos with wired aplomb, as he and cinematographer Tom Comerford crank up the autumn-chill atmosphere in ever-darkening woodsy tones.” Guy Lodge, Variety

“There’s also plenty of intimate closeups of Sarah scraping old wallpaper off the walls. This is A24 after all. The minimalism escalates quickly though as Chris starts being creepy and getting angry with his new super powers, while Sarah imagines some violent bone snaps and spiders, if that gets you. The metaphor is that children can be both angels and monsters. ” Fred Topel, We Live Entertainment

Cast and characters:

  • Seána Kerslake … Sarah O’Neill
  • James Quinn Markey … Chris O’Neill
  • Simone Kirby … Louise Caul
  • Steve Wall … Rob Caul
  • Eoin Macken … Jay Caul
  • Sarah Hanly … Lil Jones
  • James Cosmo … Des Brady
  • Kati Outinen … Noreen Brady
  • Bennett Andrew … Doctor
  • David Crowley … Teacher
  • John Quinn … Detective
  • Chloe Grogan … School girl
  • Jake Grogan … School boy
  • Miro Lopperi … ‘it’
  • David McMahon … Parent [uncredited]

Technical credits:

91 minutes


Following its premiere at the Sundance festival and the DirectTV release, Liongate is releasing The Hole in the Ground in the USA on DVD on April 30, 2019.


Beyond the Woods – Ireland, 2017

Some image credits: Vertigo Releasing

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