The Last Slumber Party – USA, 1988

‘ …where the girls are DYING for a good time.’

The Last Slumber Party is a 1988 American slasher horror feature film written and directed by Stephen Tyler, with additional dialogue by Jim Taylor. The movie stars Jan Jensen, Nancy Meyer, and Joann Whitley.

“On their last day of high school, Linda, Tracy and Chris celebrate by having a slumber party at Linda’s house. A few boys drop by and the beer flows like wine. Just good, clean fun-loving kids.

But, the girls have another visitor, one they don’t yet know about. Hiding in the house is a homicidal maniac who has just escaped from a mental hospital. One by one the guests start disappearing. What evil lurks there? What nightmare world have they entered? And now, the blood flows like wine…” [VCI DVD synopsis]

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” …really bottom of the barrel stuff. It’s cheap, inept, badly shot, jerkily edited, awfully scripted and has all the tension of grass growing. It’s not even able to redeem itself by being bad in an always-endearing Nail Gun Massacre kind of way. The most intriguing thing about Slumber Party is the fact that it ever secured distribution.” Luis Joaquín González, A Slash Above

“Aggressively bad. Watch for the botched throat slashings; the same shot of the killer wielding the scalpel at the camera used about a dozen times. And Chris f*cking sucks as the choice for final girl, not that either of the other “I’m 37-but-can-play-17″ “actresses” would be any better, but she’s by far the worst with her shrill voice and nasty homophobic comments.” Vegan Voorhees

” …this 99 Cents Only Stores version of The Slumber Party Massacre feels less like a slasher movie and more like a loosely strung-together collection of its characters climbing in and out of the window of Linda’s room (notable for its Sesame Street poster) and/or walking up and down the stairs.” Rod Lott, Flick Attack

The Last Slumber Party is a very cheaply made film […] When an emergency broadcast airs on the TV, it’s just a cardboard sign and a voiceover for f*cks sake! Also, for a movie like this, you would expect a ton of nudity, at least. No such luck sadly which is beyond me…” Ronnie Angel, Slashed Dreams: The Ultimate Guide to Slasher Films

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“The movie does offer a lot of gore and a couple of inventive kill scenes, but the effects used to render these moments are so poorly done and the blood so fake looking that these few scenes are laughable – much like the rest of this frustratingly terrible film.” Ian Jane, Rock! Shock! Pop!

Tom Selleck looks on…

The Last Slumber Party is a landmark in American trash filmmaking, a completely disconnected 72 minutes that I could have easily watched for six hours. Regardless of the filmmakers’ original intentions, they’ve succeeded in crafting one of the most surreal, hilarious, and unbelievably perfect 80s trash films of all time.” Joseph A. Ziemba, Bleeding Skull!

“The film does score some other cheese points for having the slumber party girls dancing around 70s wicker furniture to bad rock music. Plus, there’s a moment where a bloody body hangs next a Muppets poster! There’s also a bone-fide WFT moment when one of the characters has a bad cheese dream and thinks everyone is out to get her – it’s like Jean Cocteau f*cking Andy Milligan.” Justin Kerswell, Hysteria Lives

“Depending on your taste, the lack of quality found in The Last Slumber Party could work for or against it. While I wouldn’t consider it an upper tier B-Movie, it’s an amusing watch that will play perfectly to a crowd of drunken friends or to that specific horror fan who enjoys these types of bad movies. Namely me.” Chuck Norris Ate My Baby

“The killer holds his knife up to the camera about fifty times, and it gets very irritating. There’s a synthesizer in the background making dumb parping sounds that you know are supposed to create tension and atmosphere but in reality sound like some kind of monkey’s bowel movement […] I could go on forever but I’ll just finish by saying that this film is truly awful.” Jim Harper, Legacy of Blood

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Choice dialogue:

“My parents would decapitate me if they caught me kissing a boy!”

“He’s such a homo – he even took the bedspread!”

Main cast:

  • Jan Jensen
  • Nancy Meyer
  • Joann Whitley
  • Danny David
  • Lance Descourez
  • Paul Amend
  • David Whitley
  • Rick Polizi
  • Mary Louise Michel
  • Darcy Devine
  • Barbara Claiborne
  • Stephen Tyler
  • Jim Taylor
  • Claire Cooney

Filming locations:

Metairie and New Orleans, Louisiana

Image credits: Chuck Norris Ate My Baby

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