Monster Squad – book by Heather A. Wixson

Monster Squad: Celebrating the Artists Behind Cinema’s Most Memorable Creatures is a 2017 book published by BearManor Media.

“Journalist Heather A. Wixson turns the spotlight on twenty special effects pioneers and artists who helped shape the landscape of modern horror and sci-fi cinema throughout the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and beyond.

Featuring in-depth interviews with the legendary and visionary creators who share their personal journeys through Hollywood, Monster Squad is a tribute to those who toiled endlessly to help make the impossible possible in so many of our favourite movies, and to all the “Monster Kids” out there who still believe in the magic of practical effects in film to this very day.

Featuring several hundred behind-the-scenes photos, and crafted from over 75 hours of interviews, the 444 page book includes comprehensive discussions with:

  • Jennifer Aspinall
  • Gabe Bartalos
  • Michèle Burke
  • John Dykstra
  • Mike Elizalde
  • Tony Gardner
  • Alec Gillis
  • John Goodwin
  • Kevin Haney
  • Steve Johnson
  • Bob Keen
  • Rick Lazzarini
  • David Martí
  • Todd Masters
  • Bart Mixon
  • John Rosengrant
  • Phil Tippett
  • Brian Wade
  • Steve Wang
  • Tom Woodruff, Jr.

Heather A. Wixson was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, until she followed her dreams and moved to Los Angeles in 2009. A ten-year veteran entertainment journalist, Wixson fell in love with the world of genre cinema at a very early age, and has spent the last decade carving out a career as a professional writer and supporter of preserving the history of horror and sci-fi cinema.”

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Monsters designed by Gabe Bartalos

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