Tokyo Gore School – Japan, 2009 – reviews

’10 years later than “Battle Royale”, another gore game has begun now in high school!’

Tokyo Gore School – original titles: 学校裏サイト Gakkō ura saito –  is a 2009 Japanese action horror film directed by Yōhei Fukuda (Chanbara Beauty) from a screenplay co-written with Kiyoshi Yamamoto.

Shinichi Sanada, a young high school student, attempts to kill himself by jumping to his death. Shinichi survives but is seriously injured. Hayato Fujiwara (Yusuke Yamada), the High School Student President, senses there’s more to this than just Shinichi being bullied.

Hayato decides to talk to Shinichi’s teacher Kyoko Aizawa. Hayato can’t get many answers from Kyoko Aizawa except cryptic warnings to “watch out” and “be careful.” Fujiwara start to reveal the mystery…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

Tokyo Gore Police is better than expected and should be enjoyed by all fans of Japanese cult cinema. Offering violence with a vague social conscience, whilst it might not deliver all out visceral thrills, it manages to be far more interesting than the average low budget gore fest.” James Mudge, Beyond Hollywood

Tokyo Gore School is a passable film, a well paced and entertaining action movie, if low on production values and actors of ability, but it fails to deliver on what it promises when it comes to anything other than the basics. It’s a poor man’s Battle Royale, and if you have that film at hand, there’s no reason to watch this.” Jitendar Canth,

“Combining elements of Fight Club, Warriors and Lord of the Flies the most obvious and direct comparison to be found is to the fantastic fight-fest Battle Royale. Although not as well realised or as innovative director Yôhei Fukuda, who also co-wrote the script, does a good job maximising the mobility of the lower grade camera he uses to keep the ferocious frenetic feel of the film.” Love Horror

Main cast:

  • Yusuke Yamada as Fujiwara
  • Masato Hyūgaji
  • Takafumi Imai
  • Kenta Itogi
  • Shinwa Kataoka
  • Kōhei Kuroda
  • Shion Machida
  • Shōichi Matsuda

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  1. Arigatou!
    I watched this movie a long time ago and I liked it, I wanted to see it again but I had forgotten the title.

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