GHOST IN BARBER’S (2016) Review and overview


Ghost in Barber’s is a 2016 Chinese horror feature film directed by Shilei Lu (Haunted Dormitory: Marionette Teacher). The Film Moon production stars Jiamin Chen, Sung Goo Kang, and Qing’an Ren.  Original title: 恐怖理发店


A series of mysterious murders occur in a supposedly haunted barber’s house. Was it really supernatural forces or was it actually real people behind the murders?


“This ridiculous film about a ghost in a barbershop/hairdressing salon which also doubles as a hotel is worth watching alone just for the premise. Add in some silly characters, terrible script, stupid scenarios, overacting, bad effects and the typical Filmoon ending, and you don’t have a classic but rather something so outrageously over the top, you can’t help but laugh all the way through it.” Asian Film Fans


The film was released in China on 8th January 2017.