‘He’s Icin’ & Slicin’

Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman is a 2000 American comedy horror film written and directed by Michael Cooney and a sequel to his Jack Frost (1997).


Sam Tiler (Christopher Allport) has been struggling to recover from the encounter with the Mutated Snowman known as Jack Frost, ever since he rampaged through his hometown last Christmas.

To relieve the stress, Sam’s wife Anne (Eileen Seeley) suggests a tropical vacation in the Pacific for the wedding of his deputy, Joe Foster (Chip Heller) and his secretary Marla (Marsha Clark). Sam reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, a janitor (Brett A. Boydstun) accidentally spills a cup of coffee into the tank of antifreeze, waking Jack up and causing him to reform and break free…

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“Its jokes are awful, the performances are ham-fisted and it feels like an idea written on a napkin over-extended into a 90-minute movie. However, it is oddly compelling and I think it just about scrapes it into the Evil Bong / Gingerdead Man pool of “so bad, it’s good”. UK Horror Scene

” …as a totally cheesy guilty pleasure Jack Frost 2 gets a 10.0/10.0. It followed the spirit of the original and in some ways it was even better. The dialogue and one-liners were as relentless as they were brain-meltingly bad.” Ruthless Reviews

“Unlike the first, which had reasonable production values and some fun moments, this is a real chore to get through and only really becomes fast-paced and fun toward the end. There are loads of horrible one-liners and puns (much more than in the first), the characters are extremely irritating and instead of relying on traditional effects, this one utilizes some CGI with varying degrees of success.” The Bloody Pit of Horror

” …nearly all of Jack’s assaults seemed to be icicle-impalings, which aren’t that interesting. I’d be surprised if Jack’s total screen time added up to more than 5 minutes, and it’s probably not even close to that.” DVD Talk

“Classic lines from the original such as “I only axed him for a smoke” are replaced with some woefully unfunny lines and groan-inducing puns. Again it’s the tipping of that balance between being likeably corny and being overtly rubbish and it’s one which the film gets wrong time and time again. But Frost wasn’t all about the gags and despite his lack of real arms, he was able to do some serious damage to his victims.” Popcorn Pictures

” …it feels like Cooney might have been gunning for outright sh*ttiness here. There’s little shame to be found here, from Jack’s extreme close-up with a bikini model’s nipple to the shoddy effects that often bring him to life, so if this was a prescient attempt at “so bad it’s good” filmmaking, Cooney was on to something.” Oh, the Horror!

“There is still a bit of fun to be found here, especially when the little snowballs start showing up, but the original is just so much more entertaining. The only reason to really watch this one is to say you’ve seen them both. After that, you will never want to see this one again.” The Film Reel

Choice dialogue:

Jack Frost: “Oh, I guess that was de-capitated coffee”

Jack Frost: “20% chance of frostbite and 100% chance of death!”

Cast and characters:

  • Christopher Allport as Sam Tiler
  • Eileen Seeley as Anne Tiler
  • Chip Heller as Joe
  • Marsha Clark as Marla
  • Ray Cooney as Colonel Hickering
  • David Allen Brooks as Agent Manners
  • Sean Patrick Murphy as Captain Fun
  • Tai Bennet as Bobby
  • Jennifer Lyons as Rose
  • Shonda Farr as Ashlea
  • Granger Green as Paisley
  • Ian Abercrombie as Doctor Morton
  • Melanie Good as Sarah
  • Stephanie Chao as Cindy
  • Doug Jones as Dave
  • Stefan C. Marchand as Charlie
  • Scott MacDonald as Jack Frost [voice only]

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