Sickle is a 2015 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Geno McGahee (Rise of the Scarecrows: Hell on Earth; Scary Tales; Satanic Meat Cleaver Massacre; et al) and Forris Day Jr. from a screenplay by McGahee. The X Posse Productions stars Logan Lopez, Crystal Aya and Brent Northup.

The film is currently available on Amazon Prime, misleadingly retitled Amityville: The Final Chapter.

Michael Hart (Logan Lopez) has spent fifteen years in a psychiatric clinic for apparently murdering his babysitter with a sickle when he was twelve years-old.

Taking pity on Michael and refusing to believe he carried out the homicide, his Uncle Bill (Dave Sauriol) attempts to help his nephew rejoin society again by employing him at his garage.

However, his uncle also doesn’t believe Michael’s bizarre explanation that the real murderer was a seven-foot demon wearing a top hat. Meanwhile, an elderly reclusive rich neighbour named Crane (Brent Northup) does believe Michael’s version of events while a group of disparate paranormal investigators become involved in the case…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

” …very successfully spins its own yarn and gets its very own story from wherever it’s borrowing from. This is thanks to a multi-layered script that though is not too complex to bore its audience to death, to a well-paced direction, and a competent cast…” Search My Trash

” …while it won’t set the world of indie horror movies on fire, this is still a lot better than some of the recent ones I have seen.  With some good direction, interesting kills and a creepy performance from Lopez, this is definitely one that is well worth seeing…” The Curiosity of a Social Misfit

“What bothers me the most is that Sickle is slow yet it’s almost there, just below the mark where I think it would be considered great by myself and others in the indie horror scene. So, so close and so, so frustrating at the same time.” Horror Society

“Logan Lopez is very good in the lead and Crystal Aya is likable and smart and has many layers to her character and then there is Brent Northup who is creepy and has too much going on with his monies.” Chris Mackey

Main cast:

  • Logan Lopez
  • Crystal Aya
  • Brent Northup
  • Renee Day
  • David Sauriol
  • Scott Day
  • Steven Joseph Adams
  • Leeann Aubuchon
  • Forris Day Jr.
  • Samantha Doris Francis
  • Melissa Otero
  • Martin DuPlessis
  • Charlotte Lewis
  • John Daigle
  • Anjilah Clawson
  • Pete Baez


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