BAD BLOOD aka A WOMAN OBSESSED (1989) Reviews and overview


‘Like father, like son… like hell’

Bad Blood – aka A Woman Obsessed – is a 1989 American psychological horror feature film directed by Chuck Vincent (Thrilled to Death; Deranged) from a screenplay written by Craig Horrall. The movie stars Georgina SpelvinRandy Spears, Linda Blair and Troy Donahue.


A young lawyer (Gregory Patrick aka Randy Spears) discovers that his real mother (Georgina Spelvin aka Ruth Raymond) is actually a wealthy artist and recluse. Unfortunately, his mother is also unhealthily obsessed with her son and so begins to poison his wife Evie (Linda Blair)…

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“It’s well-made, extremely twisted, stylishly shot and edited (with good use made of slow-motion and even split-screen) […] Most of the actors are able to skillfully navigate their way through some very long takes here. Spelvin, in particular, is great and goes all out in her role, which is played with more than just a hint of scenery-chewing camp.” The Bloody Pit of Horror

” …neither the director nor the cast can involve us in the emotional dynamics of this would-be serious psychological chiller that can’t resist gross exploitation. However, nondiscriminating horror fans will find that the denouement is sick fun raised to spectacularly campy heights.” TV Guide

“Vincent was obviously trying to rip off Brian De Palma, especially in the third act. There’s a split-screen shot that goes absolutely nowhere and we also get a Carrie-type of surprise ending that is way too obvious to be very effective. The finale also goes on way too long…” The Video Vacuum

“There are some weird moments here, like two extended monologue sequences where the non-speaking actors look really uncomfortable and unsure what to do with themselves, which may be awkward to watch, but I actually found it to be realistic and possibly inspired. For the most part, it’s a brilliant thriller, that delightfully takes things way farther than expected, and has an incredible and intense performance from Georgina Spelvin as the mother.” Letterboxd

Main cast and characters:

  • Georgina Spelvin 
  • Randy Spears – Leena Meets Frankenstein; Critters 2
  • Linda BlairGrotesque; Hell Night; The Exorcist and sequel
  • Troy Donahue – Shock ‘Em Dead; Monsters TV series; Blood Nasty; The Chilling; Hard Rock Nightmare; Seizure; Monster on the Campus
  • Carolyn Van Bellinghen
  • Wanda-Gayle Logan
  • Marion Backman
  • Haskell Phillips
  • Frank Stewart
  • Miriam Zucker
  • Christina Veronica – They Bite; Girlfriend from Hell
  • Harvey Siegel
  • Scott Baker
  • Veronica Hart – One-Eyed MonsterParasomniaBloodsucking Pharaohs in PittsburghTattoo Vampire
  • Tony Gigante