The Revenge of Robert – UK, 2018 – overview and reviews

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‘Killing is child’s play’

The Revenge of Robert the Doll is a 2018 British supernatural horror feature film written, co-produced and directed by Andrew Jones (Werewolves of the Third Reich; The Toymaker; The Amityville Asylum; et al). The North Bank Entertainment production stars Gareth Lawrence, Harriet Rees, Judith Haley, Lee Bane and Derek Nelson.

Infamous killer doll Robert does battle with the Führer’s henchmen aboard a train in Third Reich Germany…

A British DVD was released on 19 March 2018.

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” …the fourth in the series keeps the story ticking over binding together all the movies, with plenty of twists, more kills (with attitude) and full closure on story of our adorable little friend. A worthy watch for fans of the series only…” The B Club

” …the camera quality throughout is clear and clean, with the occasional nice shot (lunar transforming trains aside). The music is okay too, adding some atmosphere to some scenes. Otherwise, once the 40-minute mark passes and Robert and the Toymaker show up, it goes to some silly places. The drama does not hit its mark, and there are few, if any, scares to be had.” Cryptic Rock

“If you’ve seen one of these Robert movies before, you already know what we’re working with, which is a lazy script, a lazy handheld camera, and a lazy excuse for a killer doll movie that barely includes 90 seconds of the killer doll. I’m mildly shocked that someone went through the trouble of acquiring period vehicles for one sequence when so little of the movie smacks of any effort at all.” Culture Crypt

“Lee Bane has mastered the role of the Toymaker now, providing a real human edge to someone who could initially have been shrugged off as a one-dimensional caricature, while a deserved fist bump goes to Gareth Lawrence who practically steals the movie as the evil Frederick Voller.” The Schlock Pit

“The best moments of this story take place aboard a train. It’s too bad director and screenwriter Andrew Jones doesn’t invest in his puppets as much as he does in location scouting, because if that doll started killing everyone aboard, we’d have one hell of a film.” Tales of Terror

Cast and characters:

  • Lee Bane … The Toymaker
  • Harriet Rees … Esther Muller
  • Judith Haley … Agatha
  • Eloise Juryeff … Eva Von Hammersmark (as Eloise Oliver)
  • Gareth Lawrence … Frederick Voller
  • David Imper … Joseph Von Hammersmark
  • Nicholas Anscombe … Colonel Heinrich Von Braun/Helmut
  • Derek Nelson … Fuchs
  • Darren Swain … Schulz
  • Lee Mark Jones … SS Officer Dietrich
  • Wes Ritter … SS Officer Hauser
  • Josephine Partridge … Mary Blackwood
  • Jevan White … Hans Blackwood
  • Olivia Lee … Agnes Blackwood
  • Morgan Thomas … Jonas Rothschild
  • David Lyndon … Landon Fox
  • Natalie Louise Garcia … Ingrid
  • Kerry Mills … Train Conductor #1
  • Gwynfryn West … Train Conductor #2
  • Luke Mulloy … Roadside Police Officer #1
  • Matthew Curran … Roadside Police Officer #2
  • Stuart Waters … Train Station Police Officer
  • Andrew Morgan Evans … Buffet Carriage Passenger
  • Robert Graham … Wilhelm
  • Courtney Bartle … Francesca
  • Christopher Bennett … Nazi Officer
  • Christian Roberts … Waiter
  • Anna Reither … Train Passenger
  • Lee Graham … Train Passenger
  • Chris Ruane … Train Passenger
  • Gary White … Train Passenger
  • Ayesha White … Train Passenger
  • Jack White … Train Passenger
  • Lisa Talbot … Train Passenger
  • Bryn Talbot … Train Passenger
  • Bethan Talbot … Train Passenger
  • Cat Unsworth … Train Passenger
  • Nathan Head … Officer Heinrich Berger (archive footage)
  • Bodo Friesecke … Officer Karl Gebhardt (archive footage)
  • Erick Hayden … Colonel Ludolf Von Alvensleben (archive footage)

Technical details:

  • 80 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 2.39:1


The original title was The Legend of Robert the Doll

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  1. The best horror movies get criticized and that means the critics don’t even know what a horror movie is!
    Some people should go and see “modern” CGI and francised films that deal with stupid fantasy stories and leave real horror art to real conossiers .

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