The Veil – TV series, USA, 1958 – overview

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The Veil is an American horror suspense anthology television series produced in 1958 by Hal Roach Studios and filmed in England at Elstree Studios.

The series was hosted by Boris Karloff, who also acted in every episode but one and was allegedly based upon real-life reports of supernatural happenings and the unexplained.

Unfortunately, The Veil was never broadcast. Troubles within the studio resulted in production being cancelled after only ten episodes (an additional episode titled ‘Jack the Ripper’ had been produced by another studio and was acquired by the Roach Studios; Boris Karloff only introduces the episode). This was considered too few to justify sales to a network or to syndication.

In the late 1960s, footage from several episodes was combined to make films that aired on late night television. Ten episodes were released to the public in their entirety for the first time in the 1990s and were subsequently been released on DVD by Something Weird Video.

In 1999, “Lifting the Veil of Mystery,” a Tom Weaver article on the making of the series, appeared in issue #29 of Cult Movies magazine. The article was later expanded into the book Scripts from the Crypt: The Veil which featured the scripts of several episodes, the series’ history, a chapter on Boris Karloff’s career as a TV anthology host, etc. Contributors included Weaver, Doctor Robert J. Kiss and Barbara Bibas Montero, daughter of the series’ producer Frank Bibas.

For many years it was generally assumed that only ten episodes of The Veil were filmed, and two extra titles (“The Vestris” and “Peggy”) were “alternative titles”. However, in 2009 Timeless Media Group/Shout! Factory released a 2-DVD set of twelve episodes of The Veil under the title Tales of the Unexplained that included those two. ‘The Vestris’ was an episode of anthology series Telephone Time in 1958, that served as an unofficial pilot for the series.



  • “The Vestris” – with Torin Thatcher and Rita Lynn (actually an episode of the anthology series Telephone Time, but it served as an unofficial pilot for the series
  • “Vision of Crime” with Robert Hardy, Patrick Macnee and Jennifer Raine
  • “Girl on the Road” with Tod Andrews and Eve Brent
  • “Food on the Table” with Kay Stewart and Tudor Owen
  • “The Doctors” with Tony Travis and Argentina Brunetti
  • “The Crystal Ball” with Booth Colman and Roxane Berard
  • “Genesis” with Katherine Squire and Peter Miller
  • “Summer Heat” with Harry Bartell and Paul Bryar
  • “The Return of Madame Vernoy” with Lee Torrance, Jean del Val and George Hamilton)
  • “Destination Nightmare” with Ron Hagerthy and Myron Healey
  • “Jack the Ripper” with Niall MacGinnis and Dorothy Alison
  • “Whatever Happened To Peggy?” with Denise Alexander, Whit Bissell and Olive Blakeney

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