BIO•SLIME aka ALIEN CONTAGION (2010) Reviews and overview


‘Unleashed and hungry’

Bio•Slime – aka Bio-Slime – is a 2010 American science fiction horror film directed by John Lechago (Killjoy’s Psycho Circus; Feast of FearBlood Gnome; et al). The movie stars Vincent Bilancio, Victoria DeMare and Kelli Kaye.


Trapped in a room with one door and no windows, where cell phones do not work and no one outside can hear their calls for help, a group of seven people is under siege as a shape-shifting creature tries to enter…


The film was released in the UK on DVD by Second Sight Films on 19 February 2018 as Alien Contagion.

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” …Lechago’s movie succeeds thanks to the director’s energy and attention to detail. Undeterred by the pressure of a short schedule, the number of set-ups Lechago manages is impressive, and when blended with his brisk editing style, it creates the illusion of a picture that cost ten times the budget of Bio Slime.” The Schlock Pit

“Most of the characters really serve no purpose other than to be monster chow, each suffering a dire, disgusting, and wholly unique fate at the pseudo-pods and tentacles of the slime-monster. All the creature effects, with the exception of a few of the tentacles, were practical effects — make-up, puppetry, and cinematography tricks. And they look great…” Terror Titans

” …the film does not really entertain and the reliance on nudity and gore takes away from the characters and the journey with them. Tom Devlin’s effects (Silent Night, Zombie Night) are truly remarkable; yet, more time needed to be spent on developing the sentient side of this dark gooey force. This floating tar thing had more to offer than just a few lines.” 28 Days Later Analysis

“The creature FX design, it appears in different forms (from simple slime to grotesque creatures), ranges from pretty ok to really impressive. Some of the FX looks awesome and I guess the filmmakers spent most of the budget on special effects.” Independent Flicks

“The blob effects are simple but effective without too much resorting to bad CGI, which makes me rate the movie higher. You also have to give the filmmakers credit for managing make a decent movie that is basically set in one room. It takes at least some talent to pull that off.” Rubber Monster Fetishism

Main cast and characters:

  • Vinnie Bilancio … Troy
  • Victoria De Mare … Mary
  • Ronnie Lewis …Hal
  • Kelli Kaye … Shannon
  • Gia Paloma … Annie
  • Magic J. Ellingson … Jack
  • Micol Bartolucci … Constanza
  • Al Burke … Landlord
  • Monique La Barr … Donna
  • Tai Chan Ngo … David
  • Ron Fitzgerald … Creature (voice)

Fun Facts:

The film was originally titled Contagion.

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