Granny – USA, 1999 – reviews

‘She’ll love you… to pieces!’

Granny is a 1999 slasher horror film directed by Boris Pavlovsky from a screenplay with Tomi, who also co-stars alongside Sava Popovic and Katie Dugan. Tomi also provided the film’s soundtrack score.

Eight college students are stalked and killed by a maniac dressed in a hag mask…

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“Wanted: Talentless cast required for clueless and incompetent horror director with no budget or finished script. Must have no experience. Must have looks the wrong side of average. Must have inability to improvise and be prepared to sit awkwardly and dribble meaningless verbal sh*t for 17 minutes at start of film when absolutely nothing will happen. Must be able to test the patience of any audience.” Matt Brett, Bride of Crapula

“Everything in this movie was terrible. The ‘actors’, the editing, the music, the direction, the wardrobe (seriously, the granny get up was obviously purchased at a local Halloween store), the story, and the writing. The all-around craptastickness of this flick couldn’t even save it. Sometimes movies are so bad they’re good, as in funny or at least entertaining. Not this one.” Peggy Christie, Cinema Headcheese

“At a mere 58 minutes, Granny feels extremely rushed during the finale, making an already ludicrous outcome completely impossible to swallow. It’s a shame because while Povloski isn’t a very good filmmaker, he almost pulls it off. While Granny isn’t a good movie by any means, it reminded me of the short films I used to make with my friends as a kid and on that level, it won me over.” Chris Purdie, Mondo Exploito

“The ‘granny’ killer is one of the worst slashers to ever grace the screen. Who in their right mind dresses up as a granny to kill someone? It seems to me that Mr Pavlovsky just wanted to create an iconic slasher villain and came up with the granny killer as something memorable […]  To rub salt into the wounds, the final ‘twist’ in the plot just contradicts everything else that’s been done in the film up until that point. It’s arguably one of the worst endings I’ve ever seen on film.” Andrew Smith, Popcorn Pictures

Granny is a film that any bad movie lover needs to see. Its bad writing, direction, music, and acting, make this not just one of the worst films ever made, but one of the most entertaining ones too. The dull first twenty minutes hold it back slightly from a full five Nilbogs, but the rest more than makes up for it.” James Haves, That Film Guy

“Horrible effects and dreadful continuity abound as well as endless long takes of the house and the empty spaces therein to pad it out. One girl is stabbed repeatedly and stands there like she’s spilt ketchup on herself, plus Granny’s knife remains perfectly clean! The sub-April Fool’s Day twist is crap; the acting is crap; everything is crap.” Hudson Lee, Vegan Voorhees

Cast and characters:

  • Sava Popovic … Granny
  • Katie Dugan … Michelle – The Vampire’s Tomb
  • Tomi … Tom
  • T.J. Bigbee … Vic
  • John Stoops … Pete
  • Annemieke Van Der Meer … Monica
  • Rebecca O’Marrah … Natalie [as Rebecca O’Marah]
  • Nathalie Ohnena … Kristine
  • David Coleman … Jason
  • Ivan ‘Drago’ Veres … Priest
  • Boris Pavlovsky … Ditchdigger


This film should not be confused with comedy horror movie The Granny (1995).

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