THE SUMMONING (2016) Reviews and overview


‘Sometimes the dead call the living’

The Summoning is a 2016 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Alberto G. Rodriguez; it stars Eric Roberts, Leila Almas, and Jaime Zevallos.


While working on a century-old murder case for a class assignment, law student Rachel Iverson discovers more than what she expected when spirits from the past begin to visit her and lead her toward a truth that will place her own life in danger…

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The Summoning is impossible to recommend. The ghost presence is a hackneyed rip-off of Poltergeist 1982, and its thoughtless use of slavery as an angle is wasted, therefore bordering on insensitive. The audio volume and quality jumps around like a jackrabbit, and the inconsistent timeline will leave you scratching your head…” HNN

” …full of unlikable characters and constantly terrible screenplay flaws that openly pop up throughout the film that are as bland and uninspired as Rodriguez’ stale directing and the cast’s wooden and flat performances, complete with Roberts sleepwalking through his role.” Steven Millan

“Sure some parts of the story could have been stronger, but I enjoyed it overall. Learned a bit of history too. Reminded me of The Skeleton Key which starred Kate Hudson. Similar eerie type of film.” Ben Miller

Filming locations:

  • Another Time Soda Fountain, 800 Third Street, Rosenberg, Texas
  • Imperial Sugar Factory, Sugar Land, Texas
  • Richmond Police Department, Richmond, Texas


The initial release was on 10th January 2017 in Canada.