MEGA PIRANHA (2009) Reviews and overview


Mega Piranha is a 2009 science fiction disaster horror film. Co-directed by Eric Forsberg (Monster; Torture RoomNight of the Dead: Leben Tod) and Stuart Gillard from a screenplay co-written by
Eric Forsberg, Stuart Gillard and Jessica Scott. The Asylum production stars Tiffany, Paul Logan and Barry Williams.

The film is a mockbuster of Piranha 3D.

On the Orinoco River in Venezuela, a strain of genetically modified piranha have escaped into an isolated tributary of the river.

Through human interference of the local environment, the deadly mutated fish swim downstream, killing all that crosses their path. The mega piranha gradually head towards Florida at the height of the tourist season…


Mega Piranha will definitely rock your cinematic socks off, even if you intentionally warped motion pictures aren’t necessarily your thing. As bad as it is, I can’t say that I wasn’t thoroughly entertained.” Bloody Good Horror

“These movies are bad. Horribly, terribly bad. But they’re also fun. Oddly, painfully, wince-inducingly fun and you’re either kind of person that likes having this kind of fun (and you’ve made Roger Corman an incredibly wealthy man) or you’re not (and probably don’t understand “The Three Stooges” either).” Depressed Press

“There is a lot of material that works in the film and yet it appears saddled with a pre-approved formula that forces certain elements to occur at a pre-determined moment in the running time […] Despite the limitations, Mega Piranha is an entertaining film that will please most audiences looking to pass an evening with a goofy monster movie.” Horror Talk

“What’s less frightening than a school of fish that can strip a man to the bone in less than a minute? Most things, I would say. However, someone should have told the writers that if you make the fish large enough to swallow you whole – and give them retarded-looking teeth to boot – the whole concept becomes unintentionally hilarious.” Juggernaut of Stupidity

“If you like awful CGI monsters and the usual products put out by The Asylum, feel free to whistle right along to the tune of Mega Piranha. Otherwise, I suggest digging up something else. Even some of the more popular Asylum flicks, like a Mega Shark or a Sharknado, would be more worth your time than this.” Misan[trope]y

Mega Piranha is excessively overproduced even for a low budget affair. Nearly every cut to another scene is edited with a flash, the sound of a rush of wind, and tinkering with film speed. They edit the hell out of this movie. Segue senes are mercilessly repeated.” Screen Anarchy

Mega Piranha expertly walks the line between so-bad-it’s-good and so-bad-it’s-shite. As an achievement in filmmaking it fails miserably on every possible level, but if you’re the sort who takes pleasure in laughing at bad editing and direction as much as the usual bad acting and script, then you’ll be in hog’s heaven here.” That Was a Bit Mental

” …most of Mega Piranha is just plain flat out unadulterated stupidity. From the idiotic scientific explanation for the piranha (Tiffany was trying to make them “more robust”), to the irritating Venezuelan dictator villain, to the superfluous title cards stating each character’s names and occupation; just about everything about this movie is Lamesville.” The Video Vacuum

Main cast and characters:

  • Tiffany as Sarah Monroe
  • Paul Logan as Jason Fitch
  • Barry Williams as Bob Grady
  • David Labiosa as Colonel Antonio Diaz
  • Jude Gerard Prest as Doctor Higgins
  • Jesse Daly as Gordon
  • Alessandro Tierno as Sargento Ayudante
  • Jay Beyers as Seaman Toby
  • Cooper Harris as Lt. Julia
  • Gregory Paul Smith as Greg the submarine navigator
  • Jonathan Nation as Mort
  • Eric Forsberg as US Ambassador Arnold Regis
  • William Morse as Lt. Stritch
  • Clint Browning as Captain Jonas
  • Lola Forsberg as Steph
  • Robert Don as Rodriguez
  • David Dustin Kenyon as Lt. Baker
  • Sex Henderson as Submarine Crewman
  • Jillian Easton as Jane Fisher/Jane the Reporter
  • Matt Lagan as Submarine Captain Jim

Filming locations:

Belize, Central America

Fun Facts:

The film recycles short clips from other Asylum films, likely due to low production costs and a limited filming schedule. Clips were used from films such as Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus; Journey to Middle Earth; War of the Worlds and Transmorphers: Fall of Man.


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