UNLISTED OWNER (2013) Reviews and overview


‘There goes the neighborhood’

Unlisted Owner is a 2013 American found footage horror film directed by Jed Brian (who also stars) from a screenplay co-written with Tyler Landers.

The film was edited as crime scene video evidence, with law enforcement placards showing the date time and whose camera was filming in the next sequence.


A small Illinois community in fictional Lawford County that has been shaken to the core by the murders of a Roth family who had recently purchased a house with a dark history.

A radio broadcast of the deaths is heard by a group of friends: Gavin Landers (Gavin Groves), Griffin Potts (Griffin Groves), Tyler Brian (Tyler Landers), Jed Groves (Jed Brian), Andrea Mills (Andrea Potts), and Haidee Summers (Haidee Corona).

The teens realise the murders are only a mile away from where they are going camping. Since the murder scene is so close, they decide to investigate themselves…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

“Because the events in the beginning of Unlisted Owner take so long to get through, the ending of the film is very rushed. This leaves viewers feeling like they have just gone through a rollercoaster effect of deaths since all happen within minutes or seconds of each other. ” Samantha Andujar, Cryptic Rock

” …nothing of what would fit the horror genre actually occurs till around the 45 minute mark. Even when the horror starts happening it is dull, running camera shots, screaming women and lots of shouting. Overall its all a bit bland and won’t leave you with a lasting impression.” Peter Hopkins, Horrorscreams Videovault

“Yes, it looks and feels realistic enough but you just want it to move on to the fun bits. You almost wish that there was more footage of the family in the first video but we do not stay with them long enough to care for them. Clocking in at 65 minutes, it is a quick watch and you know what to expect.” Phase 9

“I wouldn’t say Unlisted Owner was a flop, though if there had been more attention taken to adjusting certain elements of the plot to make into something truly terrifying than I think the film would have done well!” Popcorn Horror

” …the last twenty minutes was solid horror and effectively filmed, especially the clever way each of the characters vanish one by one. Despite being obvious in this type of genre it had some good moments, such as the camera battery running out at a key moment, the final (if predictable) shot and a reason for filming that just about holds up.” Daniel Simmonds,  The Rotting Zombie

” …the acting in this no budget feature is actually quite good. Unfortunately the douchebag dialogue is so convincing, I wanted to kill the characters myself. I certainly didn’t care when any of them died. A long build leads to budgeted pull-away kills which would have been okay, except I wanted to see these immature assholes die.” Jason Minton, Without Your Head

Cast and characters:

  • Jed Brian as Jed Groves
  • Chris Ash as Chris Martin
  • Levi Atkins as “The Owner”
  • Chloe Benedict as Chloe Roth
  • Haidee Corona as Haidee Summers
  • Gavin Groves as Gavin Landers
  • Griffin Groves as Griffin Potts
  • Tanner Hoke as Tanner Lweis
  • Tyler Landers as Tyler Brian
  • Mark Nation-Ellis as Mark Roth
  • Amber Newlin as Amber Roth
  • Andrea Potts as Andrea Mills
  • Graycie Sapp as Graycie Roth
  • Travis Trainner as Officer Travis Diggs
  • Trenton Wilkinson as Trenton Roth


The film premiered to a focus group in Vincennes, Indiana on June 14 and 15, 2013, and screened again November 24, 2013, in Evansville, before screening at festivals and the American Film Market (AFM) in November 2015. Lawford County Productions signed a distribution agreement with Tom Cat Films/Summer Hill Entertainment in October 2016. Unlisted Owner was released on Amazon.com on November 14th, 2017.

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