Deadly Crush – USA, 2018 – reviews

‘True. Love. Never. Dies.’

Deadly Crush is a 2018 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Dakota Aesquivel. The You Never Know Productions movie stars William SadlerCourtney Gains and Judy Tenuta.

When a painter rents a secluded cabin to jump-start her creativity, she has sex with a ghost and finds herself part of his wicked plan to bring itself back to life…

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” …Deadly Crush has a sloppy and incoherent script. I didn’t learn much about the characters and, honestly, I didn’t care to learn any more about them. With fairly solid acting and casting credits slightly more significant than the average indie film, the plot is less than impressive.” Britaany K. King, Film Daddy

“This movie’s strong suit is that its plot is different from your average ghost story, but it is also a stumbling point at times trying to accomplish too many elements. I’d still recommend this film though. It is beautifully shot with some great acting, and for those of you who enjoy a sex driven tale this one’s for you.” Possessed Radio

Cast and characters:

  • William Sadler … Sheriff Dusty Hawkins – The Final Curtain: The Last Days of Ed Wood, Jr.; Living Among Us; Z NationAva’s PossessionsFrom Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesThe Hills Run RedThe Mist; Bordello of Blood; The Omen; Demon Knight; et al
  • Courtney Gains … Lawrence – Corbin Nash; Hell’s Kitty; Haunted: 333The ‘Burbs; Children of the Corn; et al
  • Judy Tenuta … Claire Voyant – There’s No Such Thing as Vampires; Doctor SpineMonsters on Main Street; Love Bites
  • Jenna Willis … Holly Power
  • James William O’Halloran … Liam
  • Stephen Anthony Bailey … Young Dusty
  • Ronald Quigley … Cop In Pursuit
  • Murisa Harba … Sophia Ivy
  • Aria London … Brynn
  • Carolina Hoyos … Shaman
  • Cheryl McIntire … Witness
  • Carl Irwin … Police Detective
  • Tara Aesquivel … 911 Operator
  • Sean McIntire … Car Jacker
  • Dakota Aesquivel … Kit

Filming locations:

Twain Harte, Tuolumne County, California

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