Jurassic Predator – UK, 2018

‘After 65 million years… the beast is back.’

Jurassic Predator is a 2018 British science fiction horror action film directed by Andrew Jones (Robert the Doll and sequels; Werewolves of the Third Reich; Cabin 28; et al) from a screenplay co-written with Christian Sellers (Cheerleader Camp: To the Death). The North Bank Entertainment production stars Lee Bane, Richard Dee-Roberts and Jason Homewood.

Scientists working at a top secret government research facility are conducting experiments to reanimate a dinosaur using prehistoric DNA. The scientists believe the experiment will lead to fame and fortune but instead it leads to death and destruction when the terrifying T-Rex grows at an accelerated pace.

After rampaging through the research centre, the fearsome creature escapes into nearby Devil’s Creek. The government hires a squad of deadly mercenaries to lead a search and destroy mission. It’s man against the most vicious beast of all time – and neither will survive while the other is alive…

In the USA, Jurassic Predator is released on DVD via Sony on June 5, 2018. A British DVD release, via 4Digital Media, is scheduled for 22 June 2018.

Cast and characters:

  • Lee Bane … Hawkins – Robert the Doll and sequels; Werewolves of the Third Rei
    ; Cabin 28; Theatre of FearThe Amityville Asylum; et al
  • Richard Dee-Roberts … Major Harris – Killerhertz
  • Jason Homewood … Redgrave – Cabin 28The Curse of Robert the Doll 
  • Lee Mark Jones … Rankin
  • Derek Nelson … Stahl
  • David Lyndon … Exley
  • Darren Swain … Whittaker
  • Travis Booth-Millard … Daniel
  • Matthew Curran … Private Baines
  • Harry Russell … Professor Massey
  • Claire Carreno …  Professor Myers
  • Nathan Head … Dominic
  • Megan Lockhurst … Bonnie
  • Rachael Jones … Heather
  • Sarah John … Cat


The film’s working title was Primeval Predator

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