Shopping Tour – Russia, 2012

‘It’ll cost you an arm and a leg…’

Shopping Tour – original title: Shoping-tur –  is a 2012 Russian found footage horror film written and directed by Mikhail Brashinskiy. It stars Tatyana Kolganova, Timofey Yeletskiy and Tatyana Ryabokon.

A group of Russian tourists go on a shopping spree to neighbouring Finland – only to be attacked by the Finnish cannibals.

The central focus is on a middle-aged woman and her teenage son who is shooting the film, as we watch it, on his cell-phone…


“The first half basically sets up the story and is quite drawn out, with lots of travelogue footage of the mother and son’s journey […] Where the film does hit its stride though is when all sorts of gooey carnage breaks out in the DIY store, and some of the attacks by the crazed locals are quite sudden and shocking.” Justin Richards, Blueprint: Review

“Brashinsky could also have given sharper emphasis to the film’s underlying critical commentary on consumerism, immigration panic and culture-clash issues between Russia and Europe. But these are fairly minor quibbles about an otherwise impressively resourceful and easily digestible genre piece…” Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

“Both lead actors are impressive, with Kolganova doing a very fine job of displaying grief as she also struggles with her difficult son. As the camera is often on her, she has much of the screen time to herself and does not falter under the pressure […] A solid movie that manages to excite during it’s brief runtime.” James Simpson, Infernal Cinema


The film was released on DVD in the UK on 26 October 2015 by Terracotta / Sharp Teeth. Extras include trailers for Septic ManYou Are Not Alone and Asmodexia; a photo gallery with twenty-one behind the scenes shots; and a 30 minute making of documentary, ‘You Can Whittle a Hedgehog’.

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Filming locations:

Kotka and Turku, Finland


Shopping Tour was reportedly shot in eleven days for around $70,000.


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