SLAY BELLES (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘Merry Krampus’

Slay Belles is a 2018 American comedy horror directed by Dan Walker [as SpookyDan Walker] from a screenplay co-written with Jessica Luhrssen and produced by Darren Lynn Bousman (St. Agatha11-11-11, Tales of Halloween, Saw II). The movie stars Kristina Klebe, Susan Slaughter and Barry Bostwick.


Three cosplaying young women accidentally unleash Krampus and have to team up with Santa Claus to save the world…


“A little disappointing given past bodies of work, but it is what it is. Ultimately enough is done with Slay Belles that makes it a not-so-bad watch for when you’re needing to satisfy that holiday horror sweet-tooth, and aren’t looking to expend much in the way of brain power. It’s also a decent directorial debut for Dan Walker.” 13th Floor

“Despite its many flaws, Slay Belles provides a good time for its viewers. This is much in thanks to its wonderfully colorful cast, with Bostwick leading the way as an edgy Santa Claus. […] All of the ladies are wonderful to watch, with a fun and lively chemistry that sets the film into motion and keeps it rolling steadily. Clearly, on many levels their characters are largely meant to be eye candy, but the ladies rise above this and truly deliver a girl power-infused performance.” Jeannie Blue, Cryptic Rock

” …the hijinks perpetrated by the three urban-exploring heroines don’t come close to passing as rebellious, daredevil, or realistically entertaining; revealing outfits and blue hair alone isn’t enough to gain a following of online subscribers these days, guys. This shtick comes off like some old fogey’s idea of what the kids nowadays think is cool, and if that’s meant to be the joke, then it doesn’t go far enough (though the manufactured enthusiasm in regards to the mundane is spot-on).” Patrick Murphy, Goomba Stomp

“Obviously, Slay Belles is a larky meathead movie, but the three protags are so upbeat and earnest, it is impossible to dislike it. It only runs a mere 77-minutes, but Spooky Dan Walker’s warp-speed pacing makes it feel even quicker. Compared to other Christmas horror films, it really is an endearingly silly treat…” Joe Bendel, J.B. Spins

” …this ramshackle seasonal romp was lucky enough to land veteran Bostwick as a funny, crazy, grouchy yet sweet Santa – who has a Corsican Brothers-type connection with his evil counterpart – and canny enough to let the rest of the enthusiastic cast play off him.  Salinger, who also has a long cult career, is strong in a smaller role, offering a radical re-envisioning of ‘Mrs Claus’.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“One of the big highlights of Slay Belles are the practical effects. Firstly with the creature design and make-up effects for Krampus. It looks fantastic. Big and scary and just effects that are so much better than half-assed CGI. This is how you do practical make-up effects right. And on top of that, when the gore starts happening the over-the-top practical blood and gore are not only fun but also look really good.” Alain Elliott, Nerdly

Slay Belles is a fast and funny affair that throws all manners of curves, both from the plot and the actresses, at us. A wicked mix of laughs, scares and cleavage, (I did mention the ladies were cosplayers right?) it’s one of those films you don’t think about, just sit back and enjoy.” Jim Morazzini, Voices from the Balcony

“The cast is game, and Bostwick is terrific as the sympathetic Santa who built an amusement park because the spirit of Christmas started to become lost on Americans. The practical effects on display are a blast, and the Krampus suit is a marvel.” When it Was Cool

Slay Belles is a fun horror comedy that brings the Christmas spirits together in a knock out drag-In fight with the titular trio that could bring the spirits of the Powerpuff Girls with their attitudes. This is one holiday “fear-fest” worth checking out.” World Film Geek


Epic Pictures and Dread Central Presents released Slay Belles on VOD on December 4, 2018.

Cast and characters:

  • Barry Bostwick … Santa – The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Kristina Klebe … Alexi – Extremity; Don’t Kill ItChilleramaZone of the DeadHalloween (2007)
  • Susan Slaughter … Dahlia – Ouija House
  • Hannah Wagner … Sadie
  • Stephen Ford [as Stephen Lunsford]… Sean
  • Diane Salinger … Cherry
  • Joel Ezra Hebner … Officer Anderson
  • Richard Moll … Officer Green – Ghost Shark; Headless Horseman; Spiders 2; Evilspeak; Cataclysm
  • Rich Manley … Brian
  • Blake Reigle … Bar Drunk

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