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‘Terror at 30,000 feet!’

Flight 666 is a 2018 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Rob Pallatina (Alien Predator aka Alien Siege; Nazi Overlord; Alien Convergence) from a screenplay written by Jacob Cooney (Isle of the Dead3-Headed Shark Attack) and Brandon Stroud (Meet Me There). The Asylum production stars Renée Willett, Paul Logan and Liz Fenning.


Passengers and crew on an international flight are attacked by unseen forces that threaten all aboard and on the ground below them.

As they fight to stay alive, they start to realise that these are actually the spirits of murdered girls determined to stop their killer on board who will do anything to remain free…

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The directing was great, with the background music right up there alongside it, always setting the mood perfectly. The acting from everyone in this was top-notch stuff for Asylum and never once took me out, and the special effects were quite well-done. Not only that, but there were also some genuinely jumpy moments…” The B-Movie Shelf

“The acting ranges from bad to really bad and the pointlessness of almost all the characters is gob-smacking. They just don’t react like normal people would in this situation. The attempts to give them characters are laughably bad as some share stories that are as deep as a puddle after a rain shower.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

Flight 666 feels like a film that’s drawn inspiration from a number of different films, including Snakes on a Plane which the film hilariously jokes about during one of the more clever bits of dialogue, showing a self-awareness lacking for much of the film. Had the rest of this 90-minute horror followed suit Flight 666 could have become something of a guilty pleasure…” The Review Geek

“The script never offers anything new, it just piles on cliches from disaster movies and haunted house films […] All Flight 666 really has going for it are some effectively creepy looking ghosts. There’s no real scares and only PG-level violence.” Voices from the Balcony

“This is a nice standard ghost story set at 36,000 feet. The cast provides a lot of beefcake and cheesecake and next time you get stuck on a domestic leg with homely stewardesses…remember Alice from Flight 666Zisi Emporium for B Movies

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Main cast:

  • Renée Willett – Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
  • Paul Logan – Halloween Pussy Trap Kill Kill; Puppet Master: Axis Termination; The Sandman; CobraGator; Vampire in Vegas; Cannibal Taboo; Way of the Vampire; The Curse of the Komodo; et al
  • Liz FenningRecoveryAtlantic Rim: ResurrectionOMG… We’re in a Horror Movie; Ghosthunters; The Ghostmaker; Nightmare (2011)
  • Jose Rosete
  • Joseph Michael Harris
  • Jesse James D’Angelo
  • Justin Hoffmeister
  • Clarissa Thibeaux
  • Brendan Petrizzo
  • Greg Furman
  • Shamar Philippe
  • Elizabeth Harding
  • Seth Rakos
  • Matthew Riley
  • Sharon Desiree


Not to be confused with the 2009 Iron Maiden film of the same name.


The Horror at 37,000 Feet (1973)

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