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The Quantum Terror is a 2018 science-fiction horror feature film written and directed by Christopher Cooksey (creature designer on Harbinger Down). Kristin Cochell, Paula Marcenaro Solinger and Matt Blackwell star.

‘The twin sister and ex-boyfriend of a missing grad student lead their friends down a labyrinth of dark tunnels inhabited by an alien entity, in search of her. A story of terror and madness, in the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft, David Lynch, and old school practical effects.’

Cast and characters:

  • Kristin Cochell … Samantha Carroll / Silvia Carroll
  • Paula Marcenaro Solinger … Lucy
  • Matt Blackwell … Jacob Colt
  • Dimitrius Pulido … Professor Rathbone
  • Val Mayerik … Detective Ritchie
  • Jordan Michael Brinkman   … Noah

Filming locations:

Kyle, Texas

Fun Facts:

Many of the tentacle effects in The Quantum Terror were designed by special effects company studioADI; their credits include Tremors, Starship Troopers, the Aliens franchise, Death Becomes Her, The Thing prequel, IT (2017) and The Predator.


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