Pool Party Massacre DVD banned in UK Asda supermarket stores

Writer-director Drew Marvick has posted on Facebook and other social media that his comedy slasher horror film Pool Party Massacre has been “banned” from British Asda supermarket stores “after numerous complaints about the DVD cover.” Drew adds: “We’re not sure if we should be pissed about it or honored.”

The Black Neon/Bounty Films artwork replicates the movie’s official poster artwork by Marc Schoenbach and includes the classic tagline “Worst pool party ever”.

Asda is owned by US company Walmart, who have been infamously sensitive over the years regarding the possibly offensive content and even titles of movie and music releases that they stock, despite the fact that they sell firearms and ammunition.

Meanwhile, Pool Party Massacre is still available on DVD from Amazon.co.uk. If you’re still wavering, check out a slew of gory images and ten review quote/links via overview of the movie here


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