Night of the Pumpkin aka Pumpkin Man – USA, 2010 – reviews

‘That which you carve may come back to carve YOU’

Night of the Pumpkin is a 2010 American horror feature film directed by Bill Zebub (SantaClaus: A Horror StoryDickshark; Holocaust CannibalZombieChrist). The movie stars Chelsea O’Toole, Kellyn Lindsay and Shoshana McCallum.

The Pumpkin Man embarks on a murderous spree on Mischief Night…

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“The villain in the movie is supposed to be based on the Irish myth of Stingy Jack. The original myth is spun/twisted to fit into the weird religious narrative between two of the girls. The movie totally fails to build suspense or be the least bit scary.” AdClark09

The film is released on DVD in the USA on November 13, 2018, as Pumpkin Man.

“Halloween ushers the most original monsters ever conceived. The night brings terror of a kind that could only be imagined. Witness a slasher movie that is not a slasher movie; a monster movie that is not a monster movie, a horror movie that is not a horror movie, and absurdity that masks wisdom.”


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