Frenzy – USA, 2018

‘Survival is her only option’

Frenzy is a 2018 American action horror thriller feature film directed by Jose Montesinos (Sinister Minister; Dream House Nightmare). The Shark Pack LD production stars Gina Vitori, Aubrey Reynolds, Taylor Jorgensen and Russell Geoffrey Banks.

A group of millennial friends run a popular travel vlog that helps fund their adventures. Paige (Gina Vitori), the leader of the group, recently brought her younger sister Lindsey (Aubrey Reynolds) into the fold. Lindsey and another group member strike up a romance, quickly becoming the most popular members to their followers.

To help boost viewership the group decides to take an illegal snorkelling trip to a beautiful cove. But when their float plane crashes they find themselves fighting for their lives when they are attacked by a pack of great white sharks…


Frenzy‘s a bit different from some of the other shark films that the Syfy channel often show. Make no mistake, the film does feature sharks. In fact, there are three very big sharks that swam through the ocean and eat just about anyone or anything that they could sink their teeth into. Not only do they eat people who were unfortunate enough to be floating out in the water but they also bumped up against boats, the better to knock poachers overboard. These are some mean sharks!

That said, they aren’t ghost sharks. They aren’t zombie sharks. None of them wears a little Santa cap on their fin, like Santa Jaws did. They weren’t mutated by radiation or a Big Evil Corporation. And certainly, they weren’t dropped into the ocean by a tornado. Nope, these were just normal, very big sharks.

And while the sharks were undoubtedly important to the story that Frenzy was telling, the film really wasn’t about them.  Instead, at its heart, Frenzy is the story of two sisters, Paige (Gina Vitori) and Lindsey (Aubrey Reynolds). Paige has always been the adventurous one while Lindsey has always been the one who rarely takes risks and who tries to play it safe. Paige has found fame as a travel vlogger. Along with Evan (Michael S. New), Kahia (Lanett Tachel) and Seb (Taylor Jorgensen), she travels around the world and she films herself doing dangerous things and having new experiences. When Lindsey joins Paige for her latest adventure, it seems like a chance for Lindsey to not only break out for her shell but to also find romance with Seb as well…

Of course, things never go quite as smoothly as they’re supposed to.  In this case, things go downhill as soon as Paige, Lindsey, and everyone else gets aboard a less-than-reliable seaplane so that they can go scuba diving.  When the plane crashes into the middle of the ocean, Lindsey and a few survivors are left floating in the water.  There’s an island in the distance but can they reach it before the sharks reach them?

Frenzy was definitely a change-of-pace, as far as Syfy shark movies are concerned.  While I wouldn’t say that you necessarily have to have a sister to truly appreciate Frenzy‘s story, it undoubtedly helps. The relationship between Paige and Lindsey — made up of equal parts love and rivalry — is at the heart of Frenzy and fortunately, both Aubrey Reynolds and Gina Vitori were totally believable as sisters. Their relationship, with all of its complications, felt real and, on a personal level, there were many lines of dialogue and little actions to which I related. For me, as I watched, this film could have just as easily been called “Lisa And Erin Go On Vacation And Try Not To Die.”

I also liked the way that the film used its flashback structure. With Lindsey continually flashing back between the past and the present, we were kept off-balance as far as Lindsey’s current mental state was concerned. It’s a structure that required us to consider what was real, what was dreamed, and what was just a hallucination.

Lisa Marie Bowman, MOVIES & MANIA – A longer version of this review appears on Through the Shattered Lens

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  1. Hahaha Thanks “Anonymous”. Clearly you’ve never watched SyFy sharknado week before if you went in expecting realism.

  2. Sharks dont hunt in packs. The sharks shrunk & grew. The sharks eat people 1/3 their size, did not finish their hated boney meal, & came back for more. The sharks tried to eat a rubber boat. The sharks went around ramming everything full, suicidally so. The 3 main sharks are all large & work in coordinated, unproductive for eating, attack. Weighted scuba tanks cannot be randomly floating around. A marine band radio on an emergency band is much better than a flair gun in daylight. Where’d the rope magically come from? You could see a bottom at “the cove.” Sharks, or anything w/o wings cannot turn 90 degrees on a dime at will going 10 feet per second in the air. A 35′ gas powered pleaure craft is randomly going among remote islands previosly only accessible by float plane, answering emergency calls. Where are the gas stations? Stupid does cover the decription of this insult to my intelligence.

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