MANDY THE HAUNTED DOLL (2018) Reviews and overview


‘Don’t play with evil’

Mandy the Haunted Doll is a 2018 British supernatural horror film directed by Jamie Weston (Fox Trap) from a screenplay written by Shannon Holiday (Curse of the Scarecrow; Bride of Scarecrow; The House on Elm Lake). The onscreen title is Mandy the Doll and the movie is also known as The Doll from the Attic and Haunted Dolls

The Proportion Productions movie stars Phoebe Torrance, Faye Goodwin and Amy Burrows.


In 1910, Mandy, a young girl was lead into an abandoned church and locked in. She froze to death and was found by the priest several weeks later, clutching nothing but an old china doll. Since this fateful day, Mandy’s spirit is said to have latched itself onto the doll – thus dooming her to wander the earth in the guise of her toy doll for eternity.

Decades later, we meet a young couple. The young girl complains of a recent babysitting job where she wasn’t allowed to see the child and felt very uncomfortable all evening. Despite not wanting to return to the house, she is being contacted on a regular basis by her previous employer who appears desperate for her to return.

A doll is found wrapped in a box on her doorstep – once they discover that the doll is, in fact, alive, it is too late for the couple to save themselves…


“The story and plot for Mandy the Doll starts out with potential but winds up being hindered by the lack of creative direction. Point put, the story is very much similar to other like-minded films it feels like you’ve already seen it and you know how the film will play out.” Decay Mag

“While the acting is at times cringe-worthy it can be overlooked as the whole set up of the movie is pretty good and the doll is damn right creepy, not just to look at but the way it moves. Those who suffer from pediophobia (fear of dolls) would be best to stay well away from this movie. Those who are brave enough will find a well-written indie horror in amongst the chills.” Horrorscreams Videovault

Pukem Up Podcast review:

“The doll wants to “play a game”. We’re heard these words time and again. The third act is dumb and disappointing. The film doesn’t deliver on its premise and avoids showing the doll at all costs.” Tales of Terror

“The three young leads are actually decent actors, although Torrance does vacillate wildly between good and bad at times. Read is also believable as Mandy’s crazed keeper and she gives her all in the finale where she smacks folks with a hammer. Director Jamie Weston should also get some credit for trying to make it look like a real film.” Video Junkie

Cast and characters:

Phoebe Torrance … Amber Ross
Faye Goodwin … Mandy
Amy Burrows … Carly
Penelope Read … Dorothy
Manny Jai Montana … Neil
Kate Lister … Shelby
Darrell Griggs … Mark
Cassandra French … Suzanne
Louisa Warren … Cassie
Oliver John Lee … John
Tommy Vilés … Darren
Vincent Leleu … Bert
Tara MacGowran … Diane


Released in the USA by Redbox on 19th June 2018.

A British DVD release by Take Five Digital was released on 15 April 2019.

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