Ouija: Blood Ritual – USA, 2017

‘Spread the gospel’

Ouija: Blood Ritual – formerly Blood Ritual – is a 2017 American supernatural horror found footage feature film written and directed by Dustin Mills (Halloween Spookies; Bath Salt Zombies; Zombie A-Hole; et al). Mills also co-stars, alongside Kayla Elizabeth, Rob Grant and Brandon Salkil.

Three Ohio filmmakers set out to debunk famous internet urban legends and rituals. When one of the rituals calls for a blood sacrifice, the trio unwittingly summon an ancient primordial evil that won’t stop until they’re all dead or they will submit to his evil power…


On the whole, this is a rather enjoyable and engaging found-footage effort which has some minor problems inherent in the setup due to it’s origins in the format although they aren’t all that detrimental overall.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“One of the better aspects here is the fact that the film’s presentation, where it’s the behind-the-scenes setup of the group for the show, provides a lot to really like. Seeing the team doing their preparations here with the discussions relating to what case to attempt, providing background information on what they’re testing and explaining the cause of each step for the tested ritual gives this a nice creepy sense that’s quite fun to watch.” GL84

Image credits: Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

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