The Sleep Experiment – Ireland, 2019 – overview

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The Sleep Experiment is a 2018 Irish science fiction horror feature film written, produced, edited and directed by John Farrelly. The plot appears to be based upon the creepypasta known as ‘Russian Sleep Experiment’. The Jackpot Productions movie stars Rob Earley, Gwynne McElveen and Esther Woods.

Researchers during the cold war kept five prisoners awake for thirty days in a sealed environment to carefully monitor them using an experimental gas based stimulant…

Main cast and characters:

  • Rob Earley … Christopher
  • Gwynne McElveen … Laura – Nightflyers TV series; Ripper Street TV series
  • Esther Woods … Researcher – Follow the Dead; Don’t ListenCrone Wood
  • Degnan Geraghty … Old Christopher
  • Brian Moore … Sean
  • Moya Farrelly … Maeve
  • Sam McGovern … Patrick
  • Alfie Hollingsworth … Researcher
  • Rob James Capel … Edward
  • Paula McGlinchey … Rosemary
  • Margerita Sampson … Journalist
  • Will Murphy … Luke
  • Rosaleen Sampson … Researcher
  • Steven Jess … Eric
  • Decebal Valeriu Pahontu … Solider

Filming locations:

Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

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      1. Same here. I saw the trailer and it looks amazing, but seeing as we’re most of the way through 2019, and this is labeled as a 2018 movie, I’d say it was cancelled. This is the only website I can find that has any information, besides a Reddit post that has 1 comment. At least we are getting an official feature film on this creepypasta in late 2019 or early 2020.

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