Twins of Evil – UK, 1971 – reviews

Cast and characters:

  • Peter Cushing … Gustav Weil
  • Kathleen Byron … Katy Weil
  • Mary Collinson … Maria Gellhorn
  • Madeleine Collinson … Frieda Gellhorn
  • David Warbeck … Anton Hoffer
  • Damien Thomas … Count Karnstein
  • Katya Wyeth … Countess Mircalla
  • Roy Stewart … Joachim
  • Isobel Black … Ingrid Hoffer
  • Harvey Hall … Franz
  • Alex Scott … Hermann – Next of Kin; The Abominable Doctor Phibes
  • Dennis Price … Dietrich – Theatre of Blood; Horror Hospital; Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein; The Earth Dies ScreamingWhat a Crave Up; et al
  • Shelagh Wilcox … lady in coach
  • Inigo Jackson … woodman
  • Judy Matheson … woodman’s daughter
  • Kirsten Lindholm … young girl at stake
  • Luan Peters … Gerta –The Devil’s Men
  • Peter Thompson … gaoler

Production and initial release:

Reported budget: £205,067

Principal photography from 22nd March to 30th April 1971

Released 3rd October 1971

Filming locations:

Black Park, Wexham, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

BBFC censorship of British theatrical release:

  • Reel 1 – Scene in shack. Remove shots of Count Kronstein (sic) registering extreme erotic pleasure and of Gerta entering frame from the left and lying on him.
  • Reel 3 – In the episode in which a woman is prepared for human sacrifice, remove shots of hooded man dipping his fingers in blood, lifting the sheet and moving his hand up towards her middle. Reduce the shots of blood trickling on victim’s neck.

According to the Melon Farmers website, these cinema cuts have persisted into all home video releases.

Other media:

A novelisation of the film was written by Shaun Hutson and published by Arrow Publishing in association with Hammer and the Random House Group in 2011. The book contains an introduction by the film’s director, John Hough.

The film was adapted into an 18-page comic strip for the January–February 1977 issue of the magazine The House of Hammer (volume 1, # 7, published by General Book Distribution). It was drawn by Blas Gallego from a script by Chris Lowder. The cover of the issue featured a painting by Brian Lewis based on imagery from the film.


The film’s working title was The Gemini Twins

The same sets were used for Vampire Circus, filmed from 9 August to 21 September 1971

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Collinson twins posing for Hammer film Twins of Evil 1971





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  1. They were very pretty girls wonder whatever happened to them, they just seemed to go off the radar after twins of evil. They still have a lot of fans though. The British punk band The Twin Dracula chose their name as kind of homage to Mary and Madeleine. The couldn’t call themselves the Collinson Twins because another group has already done that.

  2. Wow! Great post. I love the Collinson Twins—Hammer glamour at its best. I recently read about a punk group called The Twin Dracula whose name is supposed to be kind of homage to them. It’s a pretty new group, and the Collinsons have been out of the spotlight for a few decades now, so it just goes to show that some things are too good to be forgotten.

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