KRAMPUS ORIGINS (2018) Reviews and overview


‘It all began here’

Krampus Origins is a 2018 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Joseph Mbah (Battlefield 2025) from a screenplay by Robert Conway (The Covenant; Krampus: Unleashed; Krampus: The Reckoning). The movie stars Maria Olsen, Anna Harr and Amelia Haberman.

The first World War rages on when a group of American soldiers find a mysterious artifact that can summon the ancient evil of the Krampus. After the men are killed in action, the artifact is sent to the commanding officers widow who is a teacher at a small-town orphanage. The orphans accidentally summon the Krampus and the teacher, and her pupils are forced to battle this ancient evil…


“Stalling seems to constitute the movie’s general modus operandi. Krampus doesn’t even appear until 60 minutes into an 80-minute runtime. He isn’t remotely worth the wait. Although marginally improved from his previous incarnations, Krampus barely resembles the familiar beast. He wears a centurion helmet that makes him look like a ‘God of War’ boss.” Culture Crypt

“Though no technical achievement, Krampus Origins is competently filmed but very static. There is no energy in the shots. The minimalistic setting appears un-lived in, too sparse, with sets barren of objects and resembling a stage play rather than a film set. With very few scares, little sense of danger, and a tedious story, Krampus Origins has little to recommend it.” Horror Screams Video Vault


Krampus Origins was released on digital and DVD on November 6, 2018, by Uncork’d Entertainment.

Cast and characters:

Maria Olsen … Sister Rafus – Ashes; The Bone BoxParanormal Activity 3; I Spit On Your Grave : Deja Vu; et al
Anna Harr … Adelia – Bethany; Ghosthunters; Restoration
Amelia Haberman … Henrietta
Katie Peabody … Josephine
Dustin Leighton … Corporal Schmidt
Luke Waxman … Bram
Linda Cushma … Sister Martha
Shannyn Hall … Lena
Noah Clark … Jack
Helynn Castro … Violet
Ethan Drew … Virgil
Chandler Mantione … Nicholas
Grace Lopez … Ida
Cleon Gionet … Krampus
Greg Lutz … Captain Foley

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