ZOMBIE CHEERLEADING CAMP (2007) Reviews and overview


Zombie Cheerleading Camp is a 2007 American comedy horror feature film written, produced, edited and directed by Jon Fabris. The JAF Productions movie stars Jamie Anne Brown, Chris White and Nicole Lewis.


When teenage boys stumble upon a nearby cheerleading camp, they think their wildest dreams have come true. What could be better than a group of beautiful girls who are bored, stuck in the woods, and ready to party? But something mysterious is changing the cheerleaders, one by one…


“This is the debut directorial from writer/director Jon Fabris who seems to have gotten a lot of his talent and shots from the small town of Raleigh, North Carolina… most of the actors are first-timers or come from small resume backgrounds… however, the film as a whole works for what it is. Part horror/part comedy Zombie Cheerleader Camp is a fun independent release.” HNN

“When the highlight of your movie is a ridiculous two-minute fist-fight between a man and a non-animated, stuffed squirrel you may want to rethink your plans. Completionist genre fans with absolutely no other choices might want to give this a try. Everybody else should steer clear.” More Brains

“I was shocked at how well directed the film proved to be and I’ve noticed this trend in the last few indie horrors I’ve reviewed. Whatever these movies lack in polish and scriptwriting, they make up for in using what they have on hand to entertain. The comedy is acceptable with a few laugh out loud scenes…” Oh, the Horror!

Cast and characters:

Jamie Anne Brown … Ashley
Chris White … Cotton
Nicole Lewis … Britney
Jason Greene … Randy
Brandy Blackmon … Nikki
Daniel Check … Mikey
Nicole Westfall  … Coach Sullivan
Micah Shane Ballinger … Tyler
Jaqueline Martini … Mindy
Elyse Rodriguez … Bailey
Abby MacDonald [as Abby McFadyen] … Kitty
Katie Pate … Kelly
Pudge Phillips … Ed
Brittany Forbes … Charlotte
Lindsey Kruichak … Rebel Cheerleader

Fun Facts:

The original title was Zombie Cheerleader Camp