Fantasm #4: A Tribute to the Texas Chainsaw Legacy – magazine

Fantasm #4: A Tribute to the Texas Chainsaw Legacy is a special edition magazine that features interviews with Texas Chainsaw franchise actors John Dugan, Bill Moseley, and Caroline Williams, an essay on serial killer Ed Gein, and writing by Jerry Smith, Christian Stavrakis, and Brian Steward.

“In 1974, independent cinema was changed forever when Tobe Hooper’s original film hit screens.  Since then, the characters have been seen in sequels, reboots, comic books, video games and as toys, Halloween costumes and more. In this issue of Fantasm Presents, we honour and celebrate that legacy.”

There are four magazine covers available: standard colour ($15), “Victim” and “Saw” variants ($30, limited to 100), and a “Grandpa” cover signed by actor John Dugan ($80, limited to 100). Each copy will include randomly-inserted “crime scene” trading cards. Available here

Previous Fantasm specials paid tribute to George A. Romero, Linnea Quigley, and Night of the Living Dead.

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