Axemas – short, USA, 2017 – reviews


‘Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all are dead!’

Axemas is a 2017 American slasher horror short film written and directed by John Ward (Meathook Massacre 4). The Dark Park Films production stars Ashley Campbell, Dillon Weishuhn and Lindsey Cruz.

A sequel, Axemas 2: Blood Slay, is due out soon. Meanwhile, Axemas is one of the shorts in compilation movie Brutality and is available by itself on Amazon Prime in the USA and UK and Vimeo


An after hours Christmas party in a storage facility turns deadly when the guests are picked off one by one by an axe-wielding killer dressed like Santa Claus…

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“There was practically no story and the little bit of plot that we did get to see only made me scratch my head further. The reveal, in my opinion, was not very well executed at all, the acting was pretty bad the cast seems to be very stiff and awkward when saying their lines.” Rebecca Kolodziej, Decay Mag

” …Axemas is filled with sex, blood and a diabolical killer Santa. What else could you ask for? A high body count, growing suspense, and a typical survivor girl? Axemas has all of that, too. Really, its strongest point is its location, the storage facility. It’s a great venue for a bloody smackdown, and the production team here used it to their full advantage.” Horror Society

“One of the most outstanding things about this short film is all the one-liners that Nick manages to dish out before he kills someone. You’ve seen this sort of thing in other films, but here it is relentless! The gore and blood effects were also very well done.” John Migliore, Indie Horror Online

Cast and characters:

  • Ashley Campbell … Sarah
  • John E Seymore … Nick
  • Dillon Weishuhn … David
  • Lindsey Cruz … Liz
  • Nathan Scott … Chuck
  • Kamiko Kawada … Linnea
  • Mikey Anthony O’Brien … Lee
  • Tommy Sihavong … Thief
  • Miranda Dudley … Body
  • John Ward … Tenant

Filming locations:

Las Vegas, Nevada

Running time:

25 minutes

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