Mission Overlord aka Nazi Overlord – USA, 2018

‘Experience the horror of war’

Mission Overlord aka Nazi Overlord is a 2018 American action horror feature film edited and directed by Rob Pallatina (Alien Predator aka Alien Seige; Flight 666Alien Convergence) from a screenplay by Scotty Mullen. The Asylum production stars Tom SizemoreDominique Swain, Anthony Jensen and Matthew Amerman.

The movie is obviously a mockbuster take on J.J. Abrams’ Overlord.


A D-Day rescue mission turns deadly when a band of soldiers discovers a group of Nazis creating horrific experiments that will all but ensure Allied defeat if the creations escape…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

“The ideas in Nazi Overlord are interesting, if not too many and too over the top for the average viewer. If the viewer approaches this film without expectations it will be a pleasurable experience.” Sarah Salvaggio, Cryptic Rock

“When the movie does finally get to the main plot as advertised… in the final 20-odd minutes, that is… there are moments of fantastic gore, however sadly the movie mostly consists of the characters tied to chairs watching little mutant mosquitoes attack people behind a pane of glass and the two lead scientists arguing back and forth. That’s pretty much it. The zombies play almost zero role in the movie except for a very quick scene…” Jeffrey Long, The B-Movie Shelf

Cast and characters:

  • Tom Sizemore … Colonel Forrester
  • Dominique Swain … Dr. Eris
  • Anthony Jensen … President of the United States – The Gallows Act II
  • Matthew Amerman … Brisco
  • Greg Furman … Lt. Haas
  • Trent Mills … Sam Collins
  • Damian Joseph Quinn … Grey
  • Andrew Liberty … Captain Rogers
  • Benjamin Schnau … Peter Hofman
  • Michael Wannenmacher … Doctor Brünner
  • Ego Mikitas … Constantin
  • Brendan Petrizzo … Soldier / Starving Patient
  • Seth Rakos … Soldier
  • Michael J Claman … St. John
  • Asger Folmann … Dr. Von Straten


Nazi Overlord was released on November 13, 2018 on DVD and VOD.


Director Rob Pallatina previously edited Nazis at the Center of the Earth in 2012.

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