LAKE FEAR (2014) Reviews and overview

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‘It’s been waiting… to get under your skin’

Lake Fear is a 2014 American horror feature film directed by Michael Crum from a screenplay written by Gerald Crum (Lake Fear 3; Anna; Fall of Grace). The MGI Productions movie stars Joshua Winch, Shanon Snedden, Taylor LeeAnn Graham, Jessica Willis and Jori Gill.

In 2018, the Crum brothers made Lake Fear 3, a less stylised, more comedic sequel. Lake Fear 2 (2016) bears no relation to either film, being an opportunistic distributor retitling of The Everglades Killings.


Tina, Jordan, Kathy and Stephanie head to a cabin for a weekend get away. After stumbling upon a doll that has been watching them the entire time they end up also finding a tape recorder that dictates different evils that the cabin possesses.

The you women don’t pay any attention to it until the evil in the cabin starts playing with them. They become locked in a battle with the evil that won’t let them go…


“I really liked this movie […] But we have a tanker truck full of fake blood, some video editing software, and four chicks from the local community college who will do anything when they’re drunk — let’s get weird!” And weird is gotten.” Celluloid Tendencies

“The film tries to throw the blood and guts around but once again, it’s unconvincing with many of the effects falling woefully short. Lake Fear seems to think it’s doing something clever or unique here but it’s so far from that. Even with a shoestring budget, there is no excuse for such a poorly told story.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life


“This is a great underground horror flick, which, unfortunately doesn’t seem yet to have much of an audience. That’s a shame. I hope it finds one. It’s more than deserving. Overall, Cypress Creek is brilliant—wildly entertaining and gruesome.” Horror News

“There’s really little about the extended sequence of the demon coming through the TV set in the basement for minutes on end where all we see is distorted images of inhuman feet or legs while bestial growling plays during the whole sequence which registers because it’s impossible to make out what’s going on, and that this is a common occurrence throughout the film is a big drawback.” Letterboxd

“The nearest I could compare the film to is a no-budgeted attempt to replicate something like David Lynch’s almost entirely plotless final episode of the original Twin Peaks (1990-1) – the one spent running through the Black Lodge – albeit made by people who haven’t an ounce of Lynch’s talent.” Moria

“The paper-thin characterisation fits perfectly with clichéd characters and an unintelligible script, which echoes the incomprehensible voice of the demon in the final third of the movie. There’s actually a moment in the first few minutes where a metal track plays directly over two characters talking and completely drowns them out.” The Schlock Pit

Cast and characters:

Joshua Winch … Remington
Shanon Snedden … Jordan
Taylor LeeAnn Graham … Kathy [as Taylor L. Graham]
Jessica Willis … Tina
Jori Gill … Stephanie
Dylan Alford … Eyeless Man
Daffy Daryll Arellano … Car owner
Richard S. Blake … Jordan’s father
Carly Capra … Creature 1
Gerald Crum … Monster 2
Michael Crum … Monster 2
Lorraine Eubank … Tina’s Mom
Jason Mcroberts … Cowboy
Scott Rumsey … Pig Demon

Filming locations:

Dallas, Texas

Alternate titles:

Cypress Creek and A Haunting At Cypress Creek

Film Facts:

The budget was reportedly only $8,000.

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