COUNTRYCIDE (2017) Reviews and overview


‘Welcome to the great outdoors’

Countrycide is a 2017 Canadian survival horror feature film written, edited and directed by Brett Kelly (Ghastlies; My Fair ZombieJurassic Shark; Raiders of the Lost Shark). The movie stars Robin Hodge, Joel Elliott, Peter Whittaker and Andrew Galligan.


A woman is lost, alone in the woods with a bear trap on her leg. It is a matter of survival as she must combat the elements, her pain and predators of both the two and four-legged variety…



“Actress Robin Hodge has to carry the film for a long time on her own since she is the only one on the screen. She does a wonderful job in the role of Abby. Hodge successfully conveys her plight while maintaining a likeable and sympathetic character […] It was great to once again experience a straight-out horror film from Brett Kelly.” Indie Horror Online

Cast and characters:

  • Robin Hodge … Abby
  • Joel Elliott … Mike
  • Andrew Galligan … Tom
  • Peter Whittaker … Ranger Scott
  • Lee Cyr … Albert
  • Trevor Payer … Len



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