SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT 2: REVIVAL (2015) Reviews and overview


‘Twas the night before Christmas when all thru the house…’

Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival is a 2015 American horror feature film directed by Dustin Ferguson (Penny Pinchers: The Kings of No-Budget Horror; Amityville: Evil Never Dies; The Amityville Legacy; Meathook Massacre franchise) from a screenplay by John Klyza (Cabin 28; Invitation to Die; Cheerleader Camp: To the Death; Doll Killer). The New Wave Independent  Pictures production stars Julia Farrell, Luc Bernier and Jennifer Runyon Corman.

The movie is a very belated sequel to Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972).


After a death in the family, siblings Angelica and James Zacherly travel to the small town of East Willard on Christmas Eve to pay their respects. They stay at a homely bed and breakfast where they learn the legend of Black Peter, Santa Claus’ vengeful brother.

However, when the siblings find the lost journal of Jeffrey Butler, they discover the town has its own sordid history – one more rooted in reality…


“Director Dustin Ferguson and writer John Klyza deserve credit for at least attempting to make a direct sequel. I thought the screenplay offered up some nice ideas to build on what we saw in the original and Ferguson does a nice job considering the budget he had. I also thought both Farrell and Bernier were good in their parts.” Michael Elliott


” …instead of just using brief snippets as flashbacks, the filmmakers use whole chunks of the first movie to pad out the running time. It’s okay when you’re showing a gory scene or something, but when you resort to showing entire sequences (which were boring as hell the first time around), it just drags everything down.” The Video Vacuum

Cast and characters:

  • Julia Farrell … Angelica Zacherly –  Amityville: Evil Never Dies; The Amityville Legacy; Shivers Down Your Spine; Demon Dolls
  • Luc Bernier … James Zacherly – O’ Bloody Night; Shriek of the Sasquatch; Astro Zombies: M3 – Cloned; et al
  • Jennifer Runyon … Carol Brickman [as Jennifer Runyon Corman] – Terror TalesCarnosaur; Ghostbusters (1984); To All a Goodnight
  • Pete Lipins … Humphrey Brickman
  • Jennii Caroline … Holly Brickman
  • Jeanne Kern … Doris
  • Rich Kern … Black Peter / Jeffery Butler
  • Chad Haufschild … Black Peter (voice)
  • Jarad Allen … The Shape
  • Breana Mitchell … Regina Andrews
  • Jeff Dylan Graham … Max
  • Mike Crawford … Drunk Santa
  • Sarah Moshman … Switchboard Operator

Fun Facts:

Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming (2013) is unrelated.

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